Who is the Craziest: Steve Ballmer or Kanye West?

Let’s face it, it pays to be crazy.  We really can’t get enough of the drama that fills supermarket tabloids.  When it pays so well, it can be hard to separate the craziest from the bunch because there is so much competition.  For a while, this craziness was limited to Hollywood personalities whose societal benefits are severely outweighed by their consumption of oxygen.  However, over the past decade crazy has spreading through corporate America like mortgage defaults in Michigan.

This begs the question, who is crazier: Hollywood or Corporate America?  In order to search for answers I went straight to who I believed to be the nuttiest.  Representing Hollywood, Kanye West.  Representing Corporate America, Steve Ballmer.  Let’s hear about our contenders.

  • Kanye West

In a very short period of time (five years), Kanye West has surpassed some of the greatest rappers, singers, and producers of all time.  He has accumulated 14 Grammys, 7 BET Awards, and released three of his four albums in the #1 spot on the Billboard charts.  Let’s face it, as far as accolades go, Kanye West is to hip hop, what Google is to search.

  • Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer can really only be overshadowed by Bill Gates when it comes to talking about Microsoft.  Ballmer, the current CEO, was instrumental in bringing Microsoft from a company of 24 people (he was actually #24 when he was hired) in 1980 to the goliath of a company that it is now.  With a net worth that eclipses $14 billion, he’s made himself one of the richest people in the process.

Following standard award show format, these categories are up for grabs:

  • Category 1: Going Bonkers on a Stage

Steve Ballmer:

Kanye West:

Though Steve Ballmer is not a performer, he’s spent his fair share of time entertaining on stages.  You would think that this is such an easy category for Kanye to win, but as you will see even Kanye’s best attempts can’t take on Steve Ballmer and Gloria Estefan.

Steve Ballmer – 1  Kanye West – 0

  • Category 2: Egos

Kanye West

Steve Ballmer:

This one was a no brainer.  Though there are no shortages of ego firepower between these two, there is at least a glimmer (if ever so slight) in Steve Ballmer’s thoughts on the iPhone.  As for Kanye, well, he makes Narcissus look humble.

Steve Ballmer – 1  Kanye West – 1

  • Category 3: Verbal Slips

Steve Ballmer:

Kanye West:

Sometimes these posts just write themselves.  Obliviously make sexual references on cable, yeah that’s a little crazy, but Axe does it regularly.  Influence national politics?  Kanye clearly swept this category.

Steve Ballmer – 1  Kanye West – 2

  • Category 4: Meltdowns

Steve Ballmer:

Kanye West:


The thing that I like about these two videos is the root of the craziness.  Kanye is mad about not winning an award.  In true first grade fashion he is hoarding his toys and leaving.  Immature, yes, but when measured against Steve Ballmer literally and figuratively melting down, sorry Kanye you’ve been out-crazied.

Steve Ballmer – 2  Kanye West – 2

  • Tie Breaker: Before they were famous

Steve Ballmer:

Kanye West:

Unfortunately, Kanye was such a nobody before he instantly became famous, that there isn’t any good footage of him before he was famous.  However, as you may gather from this video, shortly after breaking out, he was still able to form whole sentences in a calm and remarkably coherent nature.  As for Steve, well WYSIWYG.

As for the ultimate winner, I’ll let you call it.

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