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At KDG, our focus is on you. Using the latest technology, detailed insights, and expert consultants, we’ll help your organization reach the heights it’s always dreamed it could achieve.

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“We focus on forging a relationship with clients. We work to grow their business, solve their problems, and help them provide a better experience both internally and externally.”

-Kalyn Kates, Lead UI/UX Designer

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If your business’s rapid growth has made it impossible to manage your daily demands, we have the tools, technology, and team to help you solve even your most complex problems.


Don’t let your organization fall victim to stolen data, security vulnerabilities, or legal pitfalls. Discover how KDG can help keep your data, your customers, and your future safe.


One little mistake or shift can make or break your business and its place in the market. Let us help you prepare for these disruptions so that your business not only survives, but thrives.

Explore Areas of Focus

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You can no longer successfully perform accounting for a growing business unless you have a tool like Zoho at your disposal.

100 Days at KDG: Kelsey Kohrs

By Lynette Wills | October 28, 2019

Kelsey took some time to share her experiences, her growth, and her plans for the future now that she's 100 days into her career at KDG.

The Arc: Keeping Technology Up to Date, Streamlined, and Secure

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The Arc relies on strong technology to give them what they need to continue their inspiring mission.

Building a Custom Payroll Solution

It was taking managers at autopom! nearly 10 hours per pay period to calculate pay rates, bonuses, commissions, and refunds for its sales department. Making the switch to Zoho Creator seemed logical, as data could easily be integrated between the two Zoho platforms.

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