Want to Work with KDG?

We are always seeking talented and driven professionals that enjoy a fast-paced environment that equally rewards hard work and humility. Our people and culture are at the heart of our company and our success. We value people of all races, genders, ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

Our needs are changing every day, so there’s no telling what job we may need tomorrow! We’re always looking for energetic and customer-obsessed professionals to join our team.

“We really have a workforce that celebrates growth, while not penalizing taking risks.”

-Kyle David, President & CEO

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Proudly named a 2023 Best Places to Work in PA finalist and a Most Inclusive Workplace!
best places to work in pa 2023
inclusive workplace

Learn About KDG Founding Day

Celebrating where we came from & where we’re going.

Our Benefits

100% Paid Care

Medical, dental, prescription, and vision insurance through Capital Blue Cross is provided to all of our employees at no cost.

Time Off & Holidays

Every employee is given generous paid time off and paid holidays in order to maintain an important work-life and family balance.

Retirement Planning

KDG offers an independently managed retirement program with a dollar-for-dollar company match so that you can prepare for your future.

Growth Opportunities

Employees receive regular pay increases, performance bonuses, and significant opportunities to grow and learn with the company.

Freedom & Flexibility

KDG offers all employees extensive workplace and schedule flexibility, with options for both telecommuting and flex time.

High Job Security

No one at KDG worries about whether they’ll have a job tomorrow thanks to a stable company environment and high level of job security.

Inside KDG

No one has just one role at KDG. Designers try their hand at developing award-winning applications. Sales professionals work alongside IT experts. Accountants develop automated payroll and bank statements. When you work with KDG, expect to step outside your comfort zone and accomplish tasks you never thought possible.

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Joshua Yacoub

“When I work at KDG, I look forward to working in an environment that promotes collaboration.”

-Joshua Yacoub, Associate Zoho Developer

“From continued education efforts to an emphasis on teamwork, I’m confident that I have the support needed to accomplish anything.”

-Claudia Miller, AVP Professional Services

“Whether on client projects or internal objectives, the collaboration and sense of ‘team’ make working here a pleasure.”

-Lynette Wills, AVP Client Engagement