Hello, We're KDG

We're a small shop of technology experts in every field coming together for the greater good- Solving your tech problems and smiling since 2001.

Working at KDG

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Technology Artists at Work

We're not offended by the titles "analyst", "developer", or "designer". But, we like to think of ourselves as technology artists. Not because it sounds cool, but because we have mastered the art of bending technology to the will of our clients. How do we do it? For starters, we don't assume we know it all. Instead, we take the time to study our clients, their processes, and their audience. Then, we bring together our visionary team of developers, analysts, designers, managers, and strategists to craft a technological work of art that delights the end user. Sound like your kind of partner? Let's talk!

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Our Roots

We’ve been shaking things up in the tech industry since 2001.

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Rosetta Stone

We collectively know 50 languages and frameworks used across the web.

Best Friends Forever Icon

Best Friends Forever

Our oldest client relationship has lasted over a decade and still going strong.

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Order Up

We love cooking together and Waffle Wednesday is our favorite kitchen gathering.

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Class is in Session

We frequently take online classes to stay on top of our game.

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Paging Dr. Kyle

We work in a former doctors office and our conference room was once an operating room.


A company is only as good as the people in it. Learn more about the people behind KDG's success below! Think you would make a good fit for our team? Let's start a conversation.


Kyle has been at the helm of The Kyle David Group since 2001 but has been on the business scene since the age of 14. When he is not working with computers, Kyle enjoys reading, crafting his own brews, and spending time with friends and family. Get to know him.

Kyle David




This designer turned developer is KDG's "jack of all trades." Mike is a team player who enjoys crafting awesome user experiences. When he is not crafting code, he can be found crafting wood and just about anything else he can get his hands on.

Mike Dranginis

Software Development Lead



Ben is a software developer who does way more than code. A graduate of the South Hills School of Business, he also studied Mechanical Engineering at Penn State. His interests outside the office? We’ll let him answer in his own words: “Motorcycles are probably the coolest thing on the planet.”

Ben Filkins

Software Developer



Claudia is a passionate designer and avid doodler who is always looking to learn something new. Her work shows a keen eye for detail and her versatile style keeps us all guessing. When she isn't working she can be found enjoying the outdoors or tending to her online retail business.

Claudia Grossmann

UI/UX Designer



Matt is the office cheermeister. He crafts stunning interfaces and user experiences with the expertise of someone wise beyond his years. When he's not cooking up great user experiences, he enjoys making culinary delights like his specialty: the breakfast casserole.

Matt Harwick

UI/UX Design Lead



Give Andy an idea and he brings it to life. He has broken all barriers in his time at KDG and has led development on some of our biggest projects. The way to his heart? Netflix and pie.

Andrew Houck

Senior Software Development Lead



Kalyn started at KDG as a UI/UX intern while still in college. Now the Kutztown University grad helps the design team create its engaging websites full-time, bringing a unique perspective to every project she tackles. Outside of work, this animal lover enjoys spending time with her two rescue dogs.

Kalyn Kates

UI/UX Designer



When he joined the team in 2011, John brought more than just 30 years of experience in application development and project management. His passion for learning new things has led to amazing growth within KDG. He is our most travelled associate and has lived in five different states.

John Lamont

Director of Development



A graduate of Moravian College’s English program, Keri enjoys tackling any written project thrown her way. When she isn’t putting pen to paper, she can be found reading her enormous collection of books, traveling, or hosting movie nights with friends.

Keri Lindenmuth

Marketing Manager



No company is complete without a "man of mystery" and Zach is ours. He is a man of few words, but if you are lucky to hear them you are sure to laugh. He requires complete silence to code and is fueled by Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Zach Reeder

Software Development Lead



There is no challenge too great for Rob. This developer extraordinaire cut his teeth on some of KDG's biggest development projects. His specialty is problem solving. When not developing, Rob can be found playing Xbox and watching every pro football game.

Rob Sweeney

Software Development Lead



When something breaks, Pat is on the case. Boasting 'the best customer support this side of the Mississippi', he has experience as a top of the line IT guy at many notable firms and companies in PA.

Pat Whalen

Head Technical Analyst



Here at KDG, Lynette helps build the great partnership between us and our clients. Outside the office, the mother of four loves to spend time with her family, especially in the great outdoors. Whether biking, hiking, camping, playing a game of tennis, or even shooting some hoops, Lynette and her family are always looking for ways to keep active!

Lynette Wills

Director of Client Engagement