Get to Know Our CEO

Kyle David has been a lifelong entrepreneur and leading expert in the IT industry.

Meet Kyle David

Kyle H. David has made a career in technology and entrepreneurship for nearly 20 years, all starting with a huge opportunity at the age of 14. Then, a much shorter version of Kyle dazzled the management of a multi-million dollar, Philadelphia-area IT consulting firm into giving him a job as a consultant. Over the course of the next four years, he was able to work his way all the way to Senior Technical Director, leading projects for clients spanning from Fortune 50 companies to large university hospitals.

Always the entrepreneur, Kyle went on to form two separate Internet ventures, growing them both to profitability during a period when few Internet companies had figured out how to achieve revenue growth. As an early adopter of the concept of affiliate marketing, Kyle pioneered the idea of “price scraping”, which offered customers the ability to search for the best price among competitors—an unheard of concept in the mid-90s. However, over the course of two years, he brought this exciting new technology to some of the largest online retailers at the time, including eToys, Amazon, and CDNOW.

In 2002, he returned to consulting by forming The Kyle David Group, now KDG. Since that time, the company has grown significantly from the early days when the “group” constituted of himself and a goldfish (Nathan). Over the past 14 years, KDG has grown at a rapid pace both in headcount and client base, attracting clients ranging from the United States Senate to major financial institutions, international nonprofits, and division one universities. Throughout the evolution of KDG, the focus has remained on the development of entrepreneurial technology and strategy for education, nonprofit, and closely-held/generational businesses.

Kyle’s entrepreneurial efforts have not been limited exclusively to KDG or technology. Over the past decade, he has acquired, exited, advised, and served as an officer to over 14 different early stage technology startups, raising over $18M in private funds. In addition, he founded Kyle David Capital Partners, an investment partnership with substantial holdings in both residential and commercial real estate, structured debt, and intellectual property.

Everyone hopes that Kyle sticks with business and technology because his alternatives are limited. In school, Kyle made history by failing Latin I a whopping four times and only managed a C on the fifth try. Needless to say, Latin did not help him with the SATs. Surprisingly, his foreign language skill still manages to best his athletic ability. He has electrocuted himself a half-dozen times trying to be a handyman. Kyle is grossly mistaken in fancying himself as a grammarian and has been celebrated internationally for his ability to spell common words incorrectly during live presentations. When he was twelve, he played the saxophone because he wanted to be like Kenny G.

Those stumbling points aside, Kyle David received a B.A. from Muhlenberg College in three years. While he's a law school dropout, he earned certificates in Strategic Management from Cornell University and Disruptive Innovation from Harvard Business School. Kyle is Part Time Lecturer at Muhlenberg College, teaching a course called, “E-commerce and the Internet.” He resides in Orefield, PA with his wife Courtney where they are active members of The Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit.