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What services can you help me with?2020-06-29T19:22:31-04:00

As a business processes company, we specialize in any service that requires technology to help an organization streamline its processes, automate its procedures, and service its customers. More than just IT support, we also offer digital accounting services and bookkeeping, marketing strategy and consulting, business automation, custom software development, user experience design, and business strategy consulting.

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How much will my project cost?2022-11-30T16:50:52-05:00

The cost of your project depends on the type of engagement you partner with us on and the agreement you choose. Projects are billed hourly, and this hourly cost depends on the resources utilized for your project.

To see the average cost of our projects, visit any service page. You’ll see a sub-menu item for “Pricing.” We’ve linked to them below for easy access.

What is Zoho?2020-06-29T18:03:56-04:00

Zoho is one of the leading cloud-based software and office suites available for small and medium-sized businesses. It contains dozens of applications for customer management, email marketing, reporting, project management, invoicing, bookkeeping, billing, inventory, contract management, communications, and more. There are over 50 million users of the suite worldwide. At KDG, we’ve been working with Zoho for over a decade and are one of the only 100% US-based partners available.

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How do I submit a support ticket?2020-06-29T18:05:27-04:00

To submit a support ticket, please email your question or concern to helpdesk@kyledavidgroup.com or submit your ticket through the online client portal. During normal business hours, response times are no longer than 15 minutes.

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How can I apply for a job with KDG?2020-07-16T16:17:20-04:00

To apply for a position at KDG, click here to view our current openings. We also accept general applications on a rolling basis. We’ll contact you if your qualifications fit any needs we may have!

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