Our Mission?

To Further Yours

We are doers, thinkers, and innovators for the future of commerce and philanthropy. Using decades of tactical-level business experience, we leverage the virtues of technology with strategy and execution. We strive to help you use technology effectively so that your focus can be on furthering your mission.

Our Unfair Advantage

We give a ____ about you, your mission, your business, and your people.

There are many companies out there that solve problems, write code, and design fancy solutions. However, KDG has an extremely unfair advantage over them because:


We’re doing what we do because we love it. More than any payment, celebrating with a client when they win is where we are really rewarded.


We hire and retain good people, who also happen to be brilliant. If you are looking for a place to espouse your greatness, go somewhere else.


When good people love what they do, they create solutions in the owner-mindset. We push back, take feedback, and realize that we can make each other better.

What Makes KDG Different?

Discover why clients are cheering to work with KDG.

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Over 1,000 organizations have put our unfair advantage to the test.

These companies have trusted us with more than their technology. They have trusted us with their bookkeeping and accounting, their marketing and customer relations, their business strategy and reporting. When they have a question to ask or a decision to make, they give us a call.

The Force Behind Every Project

Here at KDG, this strong set of beliefs encompasses all that we stand for and all that we work towards every single day.

Flawless Experiences

Every value we hold is one that works towards the overall satisfaction of our clients—before, during, and after every project. Whether your project is big or small, you can expect a flawless experience every time.

Read Real Feedback

Proud to Give Back

For every customer satisfaction survey we receive, money is donated to our charities of choice. Every time a client says we do well on a project, we use that feedback as a reason to do good in the community.

See Where We Give

No Second Place

We constantly aim to be the best in what we do for others. Not the best in the Lehigh Valley, or the best for a small business, but the best period. When it comes to helping you succeed, there is no second place.

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Inside KDG

The values we espouse to our clients are the same values we share with every new employee: transparency, understanding, and accountability. And just as we strive for a flawless customer experience, we strive to ensure that all employees have a flawless workplace experience from the moment they join our team.

Why Work at KDG

Claudia Miller

“From continued education efforts to an emphasis on teamwork, I’m confident that I have the support needed to accomplish anything.”

-Claudia Miller, Project Manager

“Working with so many diverse teams, you are provided with opportunities you wouldn’t necessarily get anywhere else.”

-Patrick Whalen, IT Services Lead

“Our success at client relations is a direct expression of our desire to provide technical and financial solutions. We do not succeed as a team until our clients do.”

-Ben Filkins, Lead Developer