Our Mission?

To Further Yours

We are doers, thinkers, and innovators for the future of commerce and philanthropy. Using decades of tactical-level business experience, we leverage the virtues of technology with strategy and execution. We strive to help you use technology effectively so that your focus can be on furthering your mission.

“Our values act as a guardrail to everything we do.”

-Kyle David, President & CEO

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The Force Behind Every Project

Here at KDG, this strong set of values encompasses all that we stand for and all that we work towards every single day.

Claudia and Kelsey reviewing designs at KDG

We communicate thoroughly and transparently.

  • Good communication requires thorough reading and active listening.
  • Good communication is fully transparent, even with bad news.
  • Good communication leaves no question unanswered.
  • Good communication builds relationships.
  • Good communication isn’t always the fastest, but never leaves a client in the dark.
Josh and Ben looking at computer screen

We are predictable.

  • Do what we say.
  • No surprises unless they are the good kind.
  • Completeness means thoroughness.
  • We ask questions early and aren’t afraid to sound stupid if it means better outcomes.
Woman sitting at a desk looking at her computer screen

We sweat the details.

  • The difference between good and great is in the details. That means we are not quick, we are not sloppy, and we are not cheap.
  • We value clients and employees that place a high value on the small details.
  • Always paying attention to details makes sure that we never negatively surprise anyone.
  • If we have the unfortunate option between time, cost and quality, we will always choose quality.
KDG team in the large conference room discussing a client's data

We honor and respect everyone we work with.

  • We honor and respect people of all genders, backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, abilities, and identities.
  • We seek to learn more about each other, where we come from, and what drives us.
  • Drawing and communicating boundaries ensures that we will respect each others beliefs, time, and mental health.
  • We will quickly remove from our ranks clients or employees that cannot be fully inclusive and respectful to others.
Kyle David behind computer screen

We strive for excellence and humility.

  • You can’t be excellent unless you are always willing to be better and vulnerable.
  • Continuing education and professional growth are what drive us to produce better and better results.
  • Excellent people are humanly imperfect and thoroughly humble. We expect that there will be times when we’re wrong and make mistakes. They are opportunities for us to grow.

“This meeting is an exciting day for everyone.”

-Jim Hutchings, VP Development

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Living Our Values

Strategic Planning

Every year, KDG comes together to reflect on our successes and plan for our growth. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Strategic Planning here at KDG.

Our Vision: Become the Team That People Cheer For.

How do we do that? Through transparent communication, constant innovation,
and dedicated customer service that always puts the client’s mission first.

Our Unfair Advantage

We give a ____ about you, your mission, your business, and your people.

There are many companies out there that solve problems, write code, and design fancy solutions. However, KDG has an extremely unfair advantage over them because:

illustration of a party popper

We’re doing what we do because we love it.

More than any payment, celebrating with a client when they win is where we’re rewarded.

illustration of a lightbulb

We hire and retain good people, who also happen to be brilliant.

If you are looking for a place to espouse your greatness, go somewhere else.

illustration of a tablet

We create solutions in the owner-mindset.

We push back, take feedback, and put in the work in order to make each other better.