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Sometimes the biggest barrier to software development isn’t the software itself, but the team that is bringing it to life. At KDG, we’ll not only help you build better software but build better development teams you can depend on.

Building a Team You Can Trust

Building better software starts with building trust in requirements understanding, technical capability, test planning, documentation, maintainability, product management, and value for time spent. When you have an experienced software development team at the ready, there’s no limit to what you can build with their tools, talent, and capabilities. However, when you don’t have a team well-versed in all of the above, software development can become a painful and expensive nightmare.

The reason why most software projects end up abandoned is because of poor development teams. Yes, there’s also blown budgets and missed deadlines. But it’s a disorganized and inexperienced team that causes these expensive errors in the first place. So how do you know if you have a quality development team? They know what you need before you do, plan for the unexpected, and have suggestions for Phase 2 before Phase 1 is even pushed to production.

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“Custom software ultimately makes your employees more efficient, because they have a system that works for them, not against them.”

-Matt Harwick, VP of Professional Services

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Code Reviews & Pull Requests

When a codebase with errors is pushed into production, you experience performance issues, usability complaints, security dangers, and expensive and time-consuming relaunches. Security vulnerabilities alone cost the software development industry billions every single year. The unfortunate truth is that many of these mistakes could have been prevented with a careful double-look and thoughtful planning. Even if you trust your development team to check their own work, regular code reviews with an external team team will help remediate errors before your application is launched—and make your own development team stronger.

Custom Software Development

All too often, we see development teams simply trying to make it work. This means finding the quickest, simplest, and cheapest solution, usually out of the box, and then developing workarounds that only accomplish 60% of what you need. No off-the-shelf software can match the efficacy or quality of software that you build yourself. Custom software should be developed to fit your needs. Not the other way around. If a software development team tells you something isn’t possible, says they can’t make it happen, or argues that their way is the only way, they’re not the development team you want on your side.

Mobile App Development

With 81% of Americans now owning smartphones, it’s important that you develop mobile apps that meet your users’ expectations. However, very few development teams consider what your needs will be two years (or even two months) from now when new devices and operating systems threaten to make your application obsolete before it even takes off. Our team specializes in compatible and compliant apps built for nearly every device and operating system. This commitment to usability, scalability, and maintainability has resulted in zero failed mobile app launches in the last five years.

Client Testimonials

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Dwight P. Ryan, President & CEO, MedTech for Solutions

“The entire experience of working with KDG and the team was flawless in developing our new software platform.”

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Rob Starr, Director of Marketing & Member Services, Starnet

“KDG has brought Starnet the technical capabilities to develop a custom application…they’ve provided a sound counsel…along with being very mindful of our budget.”

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