Area of Focus: Business Automation

Get Rid of Redundancy

Business automation services from KDG help you transform the redundant tasks that rob hours from your workday into automated processes that provide you with detailed insights and more time to put them into action.

Optimize & Automate

From invoicing and payroll processing to client management and warehouse inventory, there’s no shortage of the tasks you can optimize and automate in order to see predictable execution and results.

Starting with the Project Discovery Process, our team will take the time to get to know your business, understand your strategies, and learn about your pain points. Working with your unique needs and requirements, we’ll help you develop a system that offers both your employees and your customers a better experience.

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“KDG recommended that we go this custom CRM route because we could build something hyper-personalized for our company like we do for our clients that could… simplify the way that we do business.”

-Tyler Ackelbein, Product Manager at Smart City Locating

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What We Offer

Process Development

Sometimes, the engine that runs your company needs just a little tuning. Other times, it needs to be completely rebuilt. Working with your team, we will take a deep dive into your processes to find out what has made you successful and what will keep you successful over the long haul.

Behavioral Change

Changing the behaviors of those that interact with the automation can be even more challenging than the technology. With tried and true blueprints from successful outcomes, KDG is not only prepared to deliver the technology, but also the time to make sure that the technology is being used as intended.

KPI Development

Truly achieving data-driven decision making depends as much on the data as the measurement tool. KDG can help to develop stage-based KPIs and then develop automation around them in order to have a more complete picture of the health of your organization in any context.

Client Testimonials

Syndicated Insurance Resources logo

David Bell, CEO, Syndicated Insurance Resources

“Zoho is an excellent resource for us. It allows us to create applications to support our workflow instead of having to change everything for pre-programmed workflow which may not apply.”

smart city locating logo

Cassie Brown, Founder & CEO, Smart City Apartment Locating

“[The app] has created more time for us to focus on the future of the company.”

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