Area of Focus: Digital Compliance

Steer Clear of Data Dangers

From GDPR to ADA, you need to make sure your business and its online applications are accessible, user-friendly, and secured to meet the latest federal and international regulations and remain accessible to your users.

Staying Safe

If you’re facing a data disaster, insurance won’t come to your rescue if you’re not in compliance. Without digital compliance, you’re putting your customers at risk and holding your business liable to long lawsuits, hefty fines, and even bankruptcy or closure. This is why our team works hard to bring your business up to today’s standards for accessibility, data protection, and privacy. Protect your data, your customers, and your future.

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“The software definitely has improved our accuracy… It totally now eliminates any double payments or double billings, so at the end of the day it’s saving the company money””

-Kristy Polluck, Director of Human Resources at the Arc

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What We Offer

ADA Compliance

Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn’t only regulate the infrastructure of your office space or business. It also pertains to your business’s online home. Our digital compliance team will analyze your website or application and ensure that it offers a seamless experience for all users, regardless of their abilities, protecting you from lawsuits and government fines.

GDPR Training

GDPR may be law across the pond, but the internet has no borders. If your business collects data from EU citizens, you’re subject to the stringent demands of GDPR. Not following them may just cost you millions. We’ll work with you to educate you and your team on proper data storage and disposal, email safety, and more. GDPR is changing the way your customers view their privacy and the way you run your business.

HIPAA Compliance

Protecting patient data poses a challenge for organizations throughout the healthcare industry. Custom databases from our team at KDG help healthcare organizations organize and protect patient records, while security enhancements to network infrastructure keep data from falling into the wrong hands. From dental offices to major hospitals and nonprofits, we’ve helped thousands of records stay safe and hundreds of organizations meet digital compliance.

Client Testimonials

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Jill Weiss, Office Manager, Broughal & DeVito

“Things seem to be running smoother since KDG took over and cleaned up all the little things that were happening to slow down our workflow. It is great to know that they are on top of our virus protection and updates.”

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Frank Barella, Director of Quality Improvement, The Arc

“When we decided to implement controlled access to our physical facilities, they made personnel recommendations that would suit our needs and helped us figure out the electronic components of the security system so that everything ran smoothly.”

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What’s behind a data breach? And how can your business keep your data and your customers safe? We’ve compiled years of experience into this exclusive checklist. From password policies to software updates, discover how you can prevent your business from falling victim to the next big cyber scare.