Make Your Mission Memorable

Your new annual tradition.

Philanthropic crowdfunding campaigns rally a base of support, bring your stakeholder community together, and raise funds from passionate donors. For well over a decade, KDG has been a recognized leader in creating memorable, unique, and record-breaking giving experiences.

Engage Donors

Using customized interfaces for ultimate engagement, relevant and focused themes, mobile optimization, and round-the-clock support, we give the modern donors just what they are looking for: a chance to feel involved beyond just a donation. Our custom crowdfunding campaigns for Division I universities and national institutions have garnered dozens of awards and have raised millions of dollars in philanthropic support.

Our philanthropic giving experts will help your institution land on the right message, decide on an engaging theme, and help you navigate all of the intricacies of online giving campaigns. KDG is with you from initial launch to grassroots social media to donor management.

What We Offer

Interactive Interfaces

The secret to your building viral success? Keeping your community coming back throughout the day. Engaging portals are customized to fit your organization, your message, and your goal. For the ultimate in sharability, we focus on gamification and mobile optimization for enhanced user experience.

Donor Management

Add and edit donors, update portal content, and track real-time progress. Know who is donating and see who’s referring new community donors to your campaign. You’ll have all of the data you need to keep the engagement and excitement going long after the campaign comes to an end.

Round-the-Clock Support

Round-the-clock support guarantees a seamless 24-hour campaign. Development and design experts will be on hand to ensure that in the hype of a campaign, no details are missed. Watching campaigns unfold in real-time through an admin panel gives our team enhanced optics on their performance and messaging.

Pre-Campaign Marketing

You can build up messaging and excitement long before the campaign starts with our engaging “coming soon” pages that keep your community up to date on the latest campaign news. Our experts will also fill you in on other ways to generate support and anticipation in the weeks leading up to your campaign.

AVA awards logo
AVA awards logo

Platinum Winner

KDG wins Platinum Award from AVA Digital Awards for Drexel’s Day of Giving: Codebreakers.

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“The page, videos, and competition allowed our community to consistently engage with the donation because nothing was static—the dynamic features gave them a reason to come back.”

-Cindy Erwin, Director of Annual Giving Programs Fenwick High School

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