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Anticipating Needs: A Key Element of Disney’s Magic and KDG’s Strategy in 2024

Posted on February 29, 2024

By Kalyn DeHaven

May 17, 2024

In Fall 2023, Kalyn DeHaven, our Team Lead of Design, ventured to Disneyland in Anaheim, California to partake in the Disney Institute, a series of courses designed for professionals and helmed by Disney’s very own customer experience experts. Here, Kalyn shares a bit of what she learned.

It’s not every day that one gets the incredible honor of being chosen by their peers to attend a course, especially one hosted by the prestigious Disney Institute in Anaheim, California. The experience was nothing short of magical, as we delved into the secrets behind Disney’s unrivaled commitment to quality service. One key takeaway that resonated profoundly with me and is set to be a cornerstone of KDG’s strategy in 2024 is the art of anticipating needs.

The Art of Anticipating Needs

In an industry where customer experience reigns supreme, the importance of foreseeing and meeting customer needs cannot be overstated. As I sat in awe of the insights shared during the course, it became apparent that Disney’s emphasis on anticipating needs was not only a perfect match for their enchanting theme parks but also a strategic theme that aligns seamlessly with KDG’s vision for the year ahead.

One stellar example of Disney’s commitment to anticipating needs that stood out for me was its innovative approach to parking management. Consider the common scenario: a family arrives at the park, brimming with excitement after an early start and a rush to get there. However, after a day filled with enchantment and adventure, exhaustion sets in, and the once-thrilling day could be marred by a simple yet frustrating problem – forgetting where they parked.

Disney’s solution to this ubiquitous issue was nothing short of genius. Parking attendants now meticulously track the filling times of parking lots. Armed with this data, any guest who finds themselves disoriented in the sprawling lots can approach a cast member for assistance. By providing the estimated time of arrival at the park, the cast member can precisely identify the parking lot and section where the family would have parked. Crisis averted, and the day concludes on a successful note, leaving families with lasting magical memories.

Elevating Service Beyond the Basics

Disney’s ability to break stereotypes and elevate their service by addressing even the most common pain points showcases a commitment to design the entire guest experience, not just the highlights. This strategic shift resonates deeply with KDG’s focus in 2024. As we embark on a journey to enhance our service delivery, we recognize that anticipating needs is not merely a nicety but a fundamental element in creating exceptional customer experiences.

In a world where customer expectations continue to evolve, the power of anticipating needs cannot be underestimated. By proactively addressing potential challenges and pain points at every touchpoint, businesses can create a seamless and memorable customer journey. As we draw inspiration from Disney’s approach, we are poised to make 2024 a year where anticipating needs becomes a hallmark of our service excellence, leaving a trail of satisfied customers in our wake.

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As team lead of KDG’s UI/UX design team and honors graduate of Kutztown University’s Communication Design program, Kalyn brings a unique perspective to every project she tackles. Kalyn is dedicated to perfecting the user experience. Whether she’s working with a multi-location medical client or a Division I school, she takes the time to research each unique audience, their expectations, and their needs.

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