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The Benefits of the Google Cloud Platform

Posted on October 2, 2020

By Robert Sweeney

May 22, 2024

Your workflows need automation. Your customers need engagement. Your remote teams need connection. No matter your need, a custom application is the solution. You may know what features you want. You may know what reporting you need. But what you may not know is where to build your application.

Your application needs a host…a house, if you will…and when it comes to finding that house, the Google Cloud Platform is the best deal on the block.

What is the Google Cloud Platform?

The Google Cloud Platform is Google’s computing platform on which custom applications can be developed and hosted. If you’re seeking out big data, AI capabilities, and secure backups, Google Cloud is your tool. From online applications for hospitals storing patient data to mobile apps for manufacturers and contractors on the go, there’s no shortage of possibilities with Google Cloud.

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What are the Benefits of the Google Cloud Platform?

Why are so many businesses turning to the Google Cloud Platform over Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services? Because what business wouldn’t want an application built using the same power as the largest search engine in the world? Does your platform boast 99.95% uptime, state-of-the-art security, or redundant backups that keep your data safe?

Strong Security
The security behind your Google Cloud application is the same security system that protects Google’s most popular products: Gmail, YouTube, and Search, among others. The security model is supported round-the-clock by over 500 experts and is the result of nearly two decades of research and development.

Security measures include encryption, user authentication, and regular audits. In addition, when you partner with KDG’s Google Cloud developers, you get the added benefit of our own state-of-the-art security from our cybersecurity team. We’ve specialized in developing and supporting applications for both HIPAA and ADA compliance.

Enhanced Performance
Google Cloud applications can handle tens of thousands of users at once without missing a beat. Uptime is as high as 99.95%, the best among any cloud platform vendor, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Meanwhile, developers have seen load times cut in half.

What does this mean for you? A reliable application that your customers can turn to and a flawless user experience across your software.

Data Backups
We’ve always stressed the importance of backups. Whether you face a manmade or natural disaster, backing up your data ensures it’s still there when the smoke clears. Google Cloud has been praised for offering not one, but four data backups: coldline storage, nearline, regional, and multi-regional. Your data is separated into multiple locations so that if one storage option were to fail, another is available. Backups are also taken automatically when your application or one of its components experiences an issue.

The Google Cloud Platform has been deemed one of the most affordable cloud services on the market. Billing is per second, with a minimum of one minute, and you’re charged for what you use. There’s no lost minutes or roll-over, keeping costs both low and flexible.

Google also offers a handy price calculator that lets you estimate how much making the switch to the Google Cloud Platform will cost.

How Can I Find Google Cloud Support?

Are you considering the Google Cloud Platform for your next custom application? There’s no option more accessible, flexible, or secure. If you partner with KDG on your custom software development, you’re also guaranteed expert Google Cloud support from our award-winning development and IT security teams. They’ll make sure your application not only runs smoothly but is shared safely with your customers across the globe.

With millions of users on the Google Cloud Platform every single day, there’s no time to lose. Contact our team to learn more about the Google Cloud support we can provide.

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Rob is a Senior Developer at KDG. For over half a decade, he has focused his time on highly complex web and mobile applications in cloud environments, from small, single-page websites for local businesses to complex custom applications for large medical firms. His ability to quickly learn all types of code and platforms has made him one of KDG’s most diverse programmers who has the skills, the understanding, and the patience to accomplish whatever a business needs to succeed.

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