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Posted on May 19, 2020

By Adam Sutch

May 25, 2024

As your workforce continues to find ways to stay connected while working remotely, there are new questions your organization must be asking: What devices do my employees need? How do I get those devices to them? Then there are questions about former employees. What if an employee quits? What do I do with that data? How do I get their computer back?

In the age of COVID-19, IT support has become less about network maintenance and hardware upgrades than about IT inventory management, employee best practices, and data security. That’s why KDG is offering IT inventory management services to all IT services clients. These are unprecedented times and many of the questions you find yourself asking…about the future, finance, and company culture…may not have answers yet. But when it comes to your technology, we want to ensure you have all of the answers you need.

Setup & Configuration

Do your employees have computers, phones, and tablets they need to do their job just as successfully at home as they would in the office? The first thing your organization should do for any newly remote workforce is to supply them with desktop and mobile devices. If your organization doesn’t provide them with these devices, they may resort to using their personal technology, which will pose serious data security risks for your company down the road.

For all remote workforces who are part of our Elite Client Group, we have been acting as an IT inventory warehouse. We have dozens of devices already configured with the latest and safest software programs, ready to ship anywhere across the country. All devices are configured to your organization’s requirements and feature remote helpdesk software that lets our team monitor and remote into an employee’s device when there is a problem.

Requesting a device from KDG’s inventory is easy and only requires a simple email to our team.

Batteries, hard drives, keyboards, mice, and other electronic devices are also available in KDG’s inventory and can be shipped as needed to remote employees.

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Data Retrieval & Cleanup

Unfortunately, this new era has also brought with it a wave of employee furloughs. If you are forced to lay off a remote employee, how can you be sure you can safely get back your company’s device and the data it holds?

This is another reason why providing employees with a company computer is so important. Data needs to be cleaned, passwords need to be changed, and factory settings need to be restored.

When an employee is let go, KDG only needs to be notified. Then, our helpdesk team can begin the process of obtaining and cleaning the former employee’s device. The device will not only be cleaned of its data, but it will be physically sanitized as well to prevent the spread of disease or germs.

Stay Connected While Working Apart

Here at KDG, we understand that these are difficult times for you and your team. That’s why we have remained open to help your organization navigate these new questions and processes. Whether you need to get devices to your employees or need to securely collect devices back from their remote locations, we have a team ready to help. Now more than ever, it is important that you have the technology to keep your workforce connected. KDG will make it happen.

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Adam is a Lead Tech Support Assistant at KDG. He has worked in managerial roles for nearly two decades and now brings his dedication to customer service to KDG’s award-winning help desk team. He puts clients first, helping them make the most out of their tools and technology. Should a client have a question or concern, Adam is usually the first in line to assist them.

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