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Making the Most of the Zoho Finance Suite: Recording PPP Loans in Zoho Books

Posted on March 17, 2021

By Mike Dranginis

May 25, 2024

When it comes to finding the ultimate accounting tool, the Zoho Finance Suite delivers. When integrated, Zoho Books, Invoice, and Subscription make accounting, bookkeeping, and reporting a breeze.

Zoho Finance has so many features that Quickbooks and other digital accounting programs don’t that it can be overwhelming to pinpoint what tools you need. Here at KDG, our goal is to make using the Zoho Finance Suite as simple and seamless as possible and we love helping clients like you make the most of its features, so we’ll be updating our site regularly with the latest tips and tricks.

If you’re a small business that received a PPP loan from the federal government this year, our first Zoho Finance tip is vital: here’s how you can record your PPP loan in Zoho Books.

What Is the PPP Loan?

The Paycheck Protection Program started in April 2020 after the nation shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Small Business Administration invited U.S. small businesses to apply for the 1% p.a. fixed interest rate loan to help cover wages, rent or mortgage payments, and utilities. Hundreds of billions of dollars were allocated toward this program and businesses across the country took advantage of it. The loans not only help business owners in a desperate time of need, but they could be forgiven if they met certain criteria.

Forgiveness Criteria

PPP forgiveness relies on three rules. That you:

  • Utilize at least 75% of the borrowed amount for employee wages, hiring, etc.
  • Spend it on the eligible expenses like wages, monthly rent, mortgage, and utilities within the first eight weeks.
  • Keep all expense receipts

Zoho even put together a handy online calculator to help you determine your forgiveness amount.

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Recording Your PPP Loan in Zoho Books

Staying on top of your expenses and reporting is key to getting loan forgiveness from the government. This is where Zoho Books helps! You can record and track your funds and expenses, making sure you have everything you need to apply for forgiveness.

Recording the funds:

  1. Navigate to the Banking module
  2. Select Add Transaction
  3. Click Deposit from Other Accounts under ‘Money In’.
  4. Create a new liability account called PPP Loans
  5. Click on Associate Tags and link the tag ‘PPP Funds
  6. Click Save

Recording the expenses:

  1. Go to the Expenses module
  2. Create a new expense by clicking the +New button
  3. Choose the associated Expense Account
  4. Enter the Amount
  5. Select the bank account in which you received the funds
  6. Click on Associate Tags and link the tag ‘PPP Funds’

To track these funds:

  1. Go to the Reports module
  2. Open the Account Transactions report
  3. Select Customize Report
  4. Press +Add Filters under ‘Advanced Filters’
  5. Select PPP Funds tag from the first drop-down, the comparator you wish to use, and then PPP Funds as the tag option
  6. Click on +Add More to include another filter.
  7. Select “Account” “is in”
  8. Select the appropriate date range
  9. Hit Run Report

What about when the loan ceases to be a loan and is forgiven? You can easily transfer your loan amount from your liability account to an Income account using the Manual Journal feature.

Your Zoho Finance Experts at KDG

We understand that you’re navigating a lot right now! Between PPE and PPP, there’s a lot on your mind. Our Zoho Finance and accounting experts at KDG are glad to take at least one worry off your mind: if you need help making sense of Zoho Books, customizing your books instance, or simply managing some of your back-office bookkeeping tasks, reach out to us today. We’ll be glad to help you make sense of your financial future.

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Mike Dranginis is the AVP of Zoho Development at KDG. Mike is dedicated to continuous self-improvement and is constantly striving to do better than his best. This is evident in the dozens of applications he has built and the numerous clients in manufacturing, higher ed, and retail that continue to come back with new ideas and new goals.

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