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Zoho Creator as a White-Label App Builder: Efficient, Affordable, & Customizable

Posted on February 14, 2023

By Mike Dranginis

May 24, 2024

While custom app development is a sure way to build a full-service business automation tool guaranteed to fit the unique needs of your business, not every organization has the budget or the time to build a solution from scratch. However, white-label app development is making it possible for businesses of any size to build automation tools that solve their most common problems: from streamlining the quote-to-sale process and automating invoicing to improving communication between departments and tracking inventory requests.

White-label development tools are being used by a growing number of organizations to quickly, efficiently, and affordably build in-house solutions they can maintain complete brand control over. And Zoho Creator is becoming the number one white-label app builder to turn to.

What Is a White-Label App Builder?

A white-label app builder is a non-branded software solution that features basic, built-in functionality that solves a business’s most common problems, like invoicing, customer management, approvals, inventory, etc. Businesses can purchase and customize a white-label app more affordably than they could build a custom app from the ground up.

Other benefits include:

  • Customization: A white-label app can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business and its customers, allowing for a unique user experience.
  • Speed: There is a much faster time to market for white-label apps. Compared to custom apps, which may take a year or more to build, test, and launch, white-label apps can be built within weeks because the basic functionality has already been developed.
  • Branding: By rebranding a white-label app with their logo, color scheme, and other branding elements, businesses can promote their brand and increase brand recognition.
  • Control: Developing their white-label app gives businesses more control over its features and functionality, allowing them to tailor it to their specifications.
  • Cost: Developing a white-label app in-house can be more cost-effective than licensing an existing app, especially in the long term. Out-of-the-box applications require regular subscription fees. Meanwhile, custom applications can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.
  • Revenue: Businesses can generate extra income by licensing their white-label app to other companies or selling it directly to customers.

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Zoho Creator as a White-Label App Builder

There are dozens of white-label app builders on the market; however, Zoho Creator is among the most popular. One of its competitors even named Creator a top white-label app builder for 2023.

You can use Zoho Creator to build an app for nearly every industry, including manufacturing, higher ed, healthcare (it is HIPAA compliant), retail, finance, food service, logistics, real estate, and professional services. Its most common solutions include apps for:

  • Internal processes (recruitment, onboarding/offboarding, etc.)
  • Day-to-day operations (project management, invoicing, inventory, etc.)
  • Customer service (ticketing, customer portals, etc.)

Where Zoho Creator truly stands out is with its over 600 integrations and API connections. Creator allows you to seamlessly sync your data across multiple applications through integrations with QuickBooks, Salesforce, Teams, Slack, and 600+ other programs, including Zoho Suite tools like Books, Projects, CRM, and Analytics. With so many integrations, you can turn your white-label app into a fully functional ERP at a fraction of the cost.

Other reasons small, medium, and enterprise organizations are turning to Zoho Creator is because of its:

  • Compatibility: Web apps built using Creator are fully functional on all desktop and mobile devices.
  • One-click deployment: All updates can be pushed into production with one click.
  • Infrastructure-free: Your application runs on a Zoho server, so your team does not have to maintain separate servers or hardware.
  • Domain customization: You can host your application on your domain, creating an app or portal as an extension of your website and brand.
  • Enhanced security: Your app follows Zoho security standards, including multi-factor authentication, data encryption, full backups, session management, and API security.
  • Partner network: Although Zoho Creator features a drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates that make development simpler than going custom, its true strength is its network of Zoho Creator Partners who can take a business’s requirements and develop a Zoho Creator solution specifically for them. There are unlimited customizations that Creator makes possible. A Zoho Partner can help you unlock them.

Zoho Creator Development with KDG

Are you struggling with sales forecasting, workflow automation, inventory monitoring, or distribution management? Or are you looking for ways to enhance your project management, financial visibility, and document management? We have a team of Premium Zoho Creator partners who can help you turn Zoho’s white-label app into something your own.

Book a meeting with our Zoho development team to learn more about our capabilities and affordable monthly packages. Plus, with QA, debugging, and ongoing support from our award-winning team, you can rest assured that your app grows with your business.

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Mike Dranginis is the AVP of Zoho Development at KDG. Mike is dedicated to continuous self-improvement and is constantly striving to do better than his best. This is evident in the dozens of applications he has built and the numerous clients in manufacturing, higher ed, and retail that continue to come back with new ideas and new goals.

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