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Save Money. Save Time. Go Custom.

Posted on February 24, 2022

By Jim Hutchings

June 17, 2024

Why struggle with your off-the-shelf application when you can develop a piece of cloud-based software customized to fit your unique business needs? For too long, the common misconception surrounding custom software development was that you couldn’t have efficient software unless it was expensive. That’s simply not the case. Every year, more and more businesses are discovering the ROI of custom software.

So if you find yourself asking, “Why custom software development?,” check out the stats below.

Save Money. Save Time. Go Custom.

  1. Automating redundant tasks can save a business $4.7 million each year.
  2. Custom software can save the average employee 240 hours per year. That’s two hours per day!
  3. When in doubt, go with the 80/20 rule for optimal ROI. In other words, if 20% of your out-of-the-box solution needs customization, go custom instead.
  4. When you work with KDG on custom software development, you retain 100% ownership over your software. That means 0 third-party dependencies or fees.
  5. What can you build with custom software? Enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs), customer relationship management systems (CRMs), payroll systems, quality management tools, and more!
  6. No matter your language or technology, KDG has you covered. Languages include C#, F#, Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, PHP, Ruby, Perl, SQL, and Scala. Technologies include .NET Core, Laravel, Symfony, Azure, Google Cloud, Vue.js, React.js, TestRail, TestCafe, Microsoft SQL, Power BI, PostgreSQL, MySQL, JQuery, and many more!

Are you ready to begin? Contact KDG’s custom software development team.

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Jim has been a veteran in the software development and project management sphere before even joining KDG as our VP of Software Development. He has over a decade of experience in technology supporting the financial services industry, specifically investment banking and life insurance.

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