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Inventory Management Made Simple: Zoho Inventory & Zoho Books

Posted on August 30, 2022

By Stephen Solt

July 22, 2024

Managing raw materials, processing finished products, tracking lost or damaged goods—a lot goes into inventory management. Your inventory is your most valuable asset and your biggest liability. You rely on accurate reporting to determine re-orders, set pricing, and make vital business decisions. However, manual errors, outdated technology, and supply chain issues can cause serious headaches. Discover how automated inventory management can help.

The Challenges of Inventory Management

Frustrations associated with inventory management include:

  • Inconsistent tracking
  • Inaccurate data
  • Lost goods
  • Overstocking
  • Manuel documentation
  • Managing warehouse space

Improper warehouse management can lead to missing items, unclear shipping dates, inaccurate stock numbers, and (worst of all) loss of revenue.

Many businesses still rely on manual data entry in spreadsheets to manage the influx and outflow of their products. However, most of the frustrations above can be attributed to human errors caused by these manual processes. A missed parcel here. A wrong SKU there. Seemingly minor oversights can cost a business—as much as $1.1 trillion, to be exact.

Automation allows businesses to see their inventory in real-time, check stock levels on the go, and track serial numbers and batches. Zoho Inventory is one of the leading tools in this space. Inventory is a top-of-the-line inventory management software that provides accurate insights and accounting of your entire warehouse.

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Inventory Simplified

Zoho Inventory offers end-to-end automation of your inventory process, giving your real-time trusted data on your warehouse and its contents. Plus, it integrates with dozens of other applications to seamlessly synchronize your company’s data. Inventory:

  • Includes batch tracking and serial number tracking
  • Supports RFID scanning for increased accuracy
  • Integrates with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify
  • Integrates with shipping carriers across the US, Canada, and Europe for real-time updates
  • Includes multi-warehouse management
  • Automates the re-ordering process when stock is low
  • Keeps inventory fresh with expiry date tracking

These features and others keep tracking consistent, data updated, and inventory under control. But that’s not all. When integrated with Zoho Books, you’ll see your complete order-to-cash process.

Zoho Inventory & Zoho Books: The Complete Order-to-Cash Process

With Zoho Inventory & Zoho Books, you get a big-picture overview of your order-to-cash process. You can see which materials are leaving your warehouse and their immediate impact on your bottom line.

This integration brings all your data from Zoho Books into Zoho Inventory. Your settings, items, contacts, sales orders, purchase orders, bills, and reports are in one place. There’s no need to worry about replicating workflows or migrating information. Additionally, any action carried out in Zoho Inventory will be reflected and updated in Zoho Books. So if you create a purchase transaction in Inventory, the change will automatically be updated in Books.

Inventory management has never been easier. Not only can you keep track of items you are shipping out, but you can also keep track of the correlating invoices. Books also allows you to:

  • Access recurring invoices, credit notes, and a client portal
  • Integrate with payment accounts for convenient customer payments
  • Initiate sales transactions in Books and follow their status in Inventory

KDG Can Help

KDG has a team of inventory management experts and certified accountants who can help you switch to Zoho Inventory, organize your warehouse data, and integrate with the power of Zoho Books. As a nationally recognized Zoho partner, our team can assist with setup, migration, development, consulting, reporting, and training. Our 100% US-based team has decades of combined experience working alongside e-commerce, B2B, and B2C organizations to automate their inventory flow, reconcile their accounts, and assist with data-driven decision making.

Contact our team to start simplifying your inventory with the power of Zoho.

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Stephen Solt is a Senior Accountant at KDG. With his eye for detail, his ability to problem solve, and his dedication to customer service, he’s helped numerous businesses see their financial futures clearly.

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