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Zoho Voice: Your Ultimate Cloud-Based Telephony Service

Posted on May 20, 2021

By Mike Dranginis

May 20, 2024

Whether you have employees working from home or sales teams traveling the globe, one thing is certain: the hours of 9-to-5 are no longer spent behind a desk. This means your business depends on reliable, simple, and flexible communication methods to keep customers, managers, and coworkers connected across continents.

Zoho Voice, one of the newer applications in Zoho’s ever-expanding suite of tools, isn’t only helping businesses stay connected, but keep communication costs down. Plus, as with practically every Zoho application, Zoho Voice offers in-depth reporting to help you dive deeper into your business’s call data.

So if you’re still tied to your desk with a landline or are struggling to find the right telephony service for your business and its needs, here are some reasons to consider Zoho Voice’s cloud-based telephony service.

Make & Receive Calls Anytime, Anywhere

With Zoho Voice, you have access to inbound, outbound, and agent-to-agent internal calls. Whether your business is located in the US only or has offices in Europe and Asia, you can set up local and toll-free virtual numbers that your customers, vendors, and teammates can call from anywhere.

Zoho Voice supports international inbound calls and outbound calls from and to both landline and mobile numbers. Your team can receive calls directly, or you can use routing to make sure calls are directed to the experts with the answers.

Meanwhile, to keep your employees connected, the Zoho Voice app also features extension dialing. This is perfect for remote workforces who can’t simply walk down the hall or pop their head into an office to ask a question. (Zoho Cliq is another great tool for remote workplaces. Your team can send instant messages and do quick video calls.)

Here’s what else Zoho Voice offers:

  • Web and mobile app interface to review and manage calls
  • Call groups
  • One-click calling
  • Desktop notifications
  • Custom greetings
  • Voicemail
  • Call recordings
  • Integrations with CRM, Desk, Recruit, and more

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Calls are Streamlined

How many times have you lost customers because calls were transferred to the wrong department or left unanswered? When your team answers the phone, this is often the first interaction a customer or prospect has with your brand. You want to leave a lasting impression by quickly and accurately transferring their call to the right person.

Zoho Voice features interactive voice response or IRV. After a custom greeting, callers are automatically guided to their desired team. If the salesperson or agent is busy, you can set up sequential workflows that direct callers to sub-agents or dedicated voicemails.

Data’s at Your Fingertips

What if you could listen back to calls, gauge a customers’ engagement, and run reports on response times, conversions, and more? One of Zoho’s most admirable features has always been its reporting capabilities, from out-of-the-box reports to custom reports fit for your needs.

With live-call status, you can track calls, see who answers, and even analyze recordings to measure the quality of your team and their communication skills. Then you can run reports from the app or develop custom reports with Zoho Analytics.

You Won’t Break the Bank

Zoho Voice is one of the most affordable telephony services available. Their team, office, and corporate plans all include unlimited US incoming calls and up to 5,000 outgoing call minutes per month (for corporate). There’s no hardware or special equipment you have to buy and maintain. You just need internet access. The corporate plan supports up to 100 users for only $1000/mo. That’s less than providing every employee with their own mobile phone and data plan.

You can also save on time and costs by partnering with our Zoho Partner team at KDG. As one of the only 100% US-based Zoho Partners, we can help you set up, customize, and integrate your Zoho Voice application so that it works the way you want it to across your organization, your devices, and your cloud-based software.

To learn more about Zoho Voice and other Zoho development services and support available, contact us today.

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Mike Dranginis is the AVP of Zoho Development at KDG. Mike is dedicated to continuous self-improvement and is constantly striving to do better than his best. This is evident in the dozens of applications he has built and the numerous clients in manufacturing, higher ed, and retail that continue to come back with new ideas and new goals.

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