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About Keri Lindenmuth

Keri Lindenmuth is the Marketing Team Lead at KDG. Keri is responsible for all marketing activity for KDG and the company’s clients. Under her leadership, she has helped bring KDG recognition in the form of numerous marketing mentions on sites like HubSpot and GoDaddy, over two dozen features in local newspapers, and several successful digital campaigns.

Your Guide to Zoho Pricing & Licensing (2023)

Understanding the nuances between Zoho products and their pricing can be difficult. This guide makes it easy to see exactly what Zoho will cost your organization, whether you have five users or 500. It also breaks down each Zoho product feature-by-feature, so you know what you’re getting with each free, standard, and premium version.

Your Guide to Zoho Pricing & Licensing (2023)2024-02-01T17:46:52+00:00
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