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A one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t always fit all, especially when it comes to a business as unique as yours. Award-winning custom software development from KDG will give you the competitive edge you can’t find off the shelf by adding critical expertise to your existing team or initiating a new project.

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Custom Solutions, Consistent Results

Consistent, predictable processes lead to consistent, predictable results. So why are we relying on pre-built applications or inefficient development teams that try to squeeze our processes into one generic mold? Don’t turn to a team that doesn’t take the time to understand your organization. Instead, turn to software developers who keep your people, processes, and goals in mind. With nearly two decades of experience and local, national, and international recognition, KDG is nothing if not consistent.

Why Custom Software Development with KDG?

You’ll quickly discover the KDG difference when it comes to custom software development. While other firms build the software and leave it up to you to “make it happen,” we work with you to plan, develop, test, maintain, and expand your new application.

“Custom software helps organizations by improving user efficiency.”

-Zac Mason, VP Technology

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Software Development Gone Wrong?

You’ve probably heard the horror stories. Blown budgets. Missed deadlines. And data that is anything but predictable. See how we help you combat these nightmares.

  • Flexibility & Growth. Going with an off-the-shelf application means workarounds, inefficiency, and stagnant growth. With KDG, you’ll have a flexible application that grows with you.

  • Seamless Software Integrations. Tired of working in one application for sales, one for invoicing, and one for inventory? We’ll integrate all of your disparate systems.

  • Own What You Build. Discover the freedom and possibility that comes with using software you own completely. No feature, report, or functionality is ever out of reach.

A Custom CRM

While using a one-size-fits-all CRM, it quickly became evident that the cumbersome and complex application was hindering, not helping, Smart City meet the needs of their customers. They needed a more streamlined solution.

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Ideal for Every Industry

From healthcare and manufacturing to e-commerce and higher ed, you can benefit from custom software development. Below are just a few of the industries that we’ve worked with to automate processes, enhance efficiency, and bolster growth.

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Build Your Advantage

Our award-winning custom software development team has helped organizations large and small create custom technology that gives them a competitive edge.

  • 100% US-based development

  • Guaranteed 24-hour response time

  • Dedicated team and weekly updates

  • 99% customer satisfaction

  • Named top developer by Clutch

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“KDG has been crucial to…where we are today with our success.”

Jake Fogel, VP of Operations & Finance, Smart City

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