Associate Zoho developer Chad Dewing knew that joining Team KDG would give him every opportunity to expand his horizons and build up his skills in development, project management, and customer relations. He had no idea just how much he would learn in his first 100 days here!

Chad Dewing at his desk

What was your first impression of KDG?

My first impression of KDG was that it is a very professional organization. KDG hit me as a company that really strives to be at the top of its game, and wants to do right by clients. It was obvious from the start that this company really cares about its impact on clients, as well as its impact on the wider community. KDG strives to be a “cheerworthy” company, and it shows in the donations it makes with every client review.

What is something you’re working to improve on?

KDG prides itself on continuing education, and I look forward to learning new skills to improve myself in every aspect. I love learning and look forward to applying what I have learned, from development to project management.

What is one lesson you’ve learned while you’ve been here?

Since starting here at KDG, I’ve learned a lot. The one thing that stands out, though, is how I have learned to better communicate with clients to try to find out what their needs are and how I can best fulfill those needs.

What can we expect from you in the next 100 days?

In the next 100 days I hope to continue to better my skills and grow as a professional.

What has been your favorite KDG outing?

My favorite outing so far has to be going to a barcade after work. They opened especially for us as a company, and we all had a ball talking, playing arcade games, and throwing hatchets.

How do you de-stress after a long week?

After working the week, I like to go out and have a beer and go to the movies. I especially enjoy getting involved with either improv/theater groups.

What’s your favorite item on your desk?

The light-up Rudolph nose that I acquired during one of the holiday party games we played.