Associate UI/UX designer Kelsey started at KDG as an intern. Now, she’s 100 days into her full-time position with us! Kelsey took some time to share her experiences, her growth, and her plans for the future.

What client experience stands out for you the most & why?

I had the opportunity to go on-site and interview employees of a client’s business and see first-hand how our custom application benefits them. Being able to discuss the user’s wants and needs opened up many possibilities as to how our team could improve the next version of the app, ensuring KDG is delivering the best possible solution for the client.

How were you first introduced to KDG?

I was placed at KDG for my senior-year internship while at college and worked closely with the design team while finishing school. I was mentored by one of the design team leads and learned a lot during that time!

KDG’s committed to being a “cheerworthy” company. Why do you cheer for KDG?

KDG understands that learning is a constant and encourages continued education like no other, which not only improves our own skills, but improves our client’s work as well! Whether it’s a department-centered lesson, a one-on-one interaction, or even a company-wide meeting, the opportunities for growth are endless.

What is something you’re working to improve on?

I’ve been focusing on improving my coding skills. In the world of ever-changing technology, there’s always more to learn!

What’s something you’re working on right now that you’re excited about?

Giving (crowdfunding) campaigns! There’s a certain amount of design freedom that comes with them and they’ve been fun to work with so far.

What’s your favorite item on your desk/in your office?

My mug! It has cats on it and it holds my favorite tea.

How do you de-stress after a long week?

Relaxing on the couch with my cat, most likely watching movies with some gelato in hand.

What’s your favorite snack in the KDG kitchen?

The raspberry Nature’s Bakery fig bars!