Lead software developer Lauren Firth was up for a new challenge, and found the opportunity to put her skills to the test at Team KDG! Now that she’s 100 days into her new position here, she’s made a rapid transition from being a new face to being a leader that her teammates can turn to.

Lauren Firth at her desk at KDG

You’ve now surpassed 100 days at KDG! What is one lesson you’ve learned while you’ve been here?

I’ve learned that I need to give myself more credit for my skills that I’ve worked hard to gain. I’ve always been very hard on myself and expect a lot, and maybe my last job wasn’t giving me the outside validation I needed, so I was very surprised at my first review here when I was told I was doing a great job! I need to realize that I have a lot to offer, and while I still want to work hard and exceed expectations, I can perhaps relax into my role a bit more and be even better for it.

How were you first introduced to KDG?

I actually had seen KDG pop up in various job searches on LinkedIn through the years when I was just keeping tabs on the market, so I always had it in the back of my mind. When I finally decided to leave my last job, KDG was the first job listing that looked interesting, so I applied! Also my brother’s name is Kyle so the name always stuck out in my mind.

What is something new you feel like you’ve been able to add to KDG?

I’m sure I’m not the only one here with these skills, but I think of myself as very well rounded, with lots of front-end experience, back-end experience, client experience, and project management experience, that I think will work well as a project lead to be able to manage the resources and workload, have a good relationship with the client, implement more complex back-end logic, and also implement the front-end and be able to provide suggestions based on other projects I’ve been part of.

What is something you’re working to improve on?

I’m really excited to be learning the more reactive web application languages! I’ve found some good tutorials that I’ve started going through, and I’m getting more comfortable every day.

What can we expect from you in the next 100 days?

In the next 100 days, you can expect me to become fully integrated with the team (I’m still a bit awkward and a “new guy”), becoming comfortable with asking anyone for help without being embarrassed that I don’t know something already (because I’ll have completed my tutorials!), and being comfortable enough with the languages and projects in general to be able to help anyone else with their questions, or at least give it my best shot!

What’s your favorite item on your desk/in your office?

My best friend got me a desk calendar for my birthday that has motivational quotes or challenges every day. I’m excited that it’s finally 2020 so I can start using it!

How do you de-stress after a long week?

If the weekend isn’t filled with family or friend or choir obligations, which many are, my boyfriend and I like to go on nature walks or go to our favorite local breweries or wineries for a tasting. Or just hang out with the cat.

What’s a project you’re working on outside of work that you’re excited about? Something you’re designing, building, or writing?

I’m the Vice President and Website Admin for the community choir that I’m in. In the fall I just added a “Members Only” section to our website that I’m hoping to add more functionality to. I also have lots of ideas around making our board more efficient; I got them all on Slack and would like to start using Trello as well.