Last year, KDG started to grow faster than anyone expected. It was clear that we needed someone to help manage our growth, expand our operations, and enhance our customer experience. New COO Mary Beth Myford has been doing all that and more since she became part of Team KDG.

MaryBeth Myford

You’ve now surpassed 100 days at KDG! What is one lesson you’ve learned while you’ve been here?

It was important to understand everyone’s perspective and their history at KDG. While I brought a variety of experience, I didn’t have any experience working here. To truly make anything I do useful, I needed to understand our culture and our history. I am still learning, but I have had several ‘aha’ moments.

What was your first impression of KDG?

I found KDG to be a team of young and enthusiastic professionals. They are deeply committed to doing a great job for their clients, exceeding their expectations whenever possible. They are inspiring.

What is something new you feel like you’ve been able to add to KDG?

I think my experience has been one of the things that has made some useful contribution. My mistakes have been one of my best teachers and have allowed me to give early warning when I see things going in a similar direction here. That is why I am such an advocate of Lessons Learned, because hindsight is 20/20 and we can use our learnings both good and bad to make our future performance better.

What’s something you’re working on right now that you’re excited about?

I am excited about how we are expanding our business. It is fun to create the operations for a new service. We made a few changes last winter and they are working out well. Now we are learning from what we implemented and improving on it.

What’s your favorite item on your desk/in your office?

When we were in the office, I saw a canvas that was painted by employees in an earlier activity. That gave me the idea to put some of my favorite photographs of my son Lucas playing baseball on canvas. I had two made before we started working from home and I love them.

What’s your favorite snack in the KDG kitchen?

When we were in the office it was the small bags of cashews, but I saw our project manager Claudia eating Skinny Pop. Once at home, I bought a bag of Skinny Pop and I love it, so I will be fighting Claudia for that when we are together again!

Is there a club or organization you’re a part of, in the office or outside of it, that you’re excited about?

I really enjoy the work I do for the Oley Valley Athletic Booster Club. Not only do we support our athletes with the facilities they need to play, we also raise money for scholarships to help these kids that I have watched for twelve years go to college.