In 2017, Zoho released Zia, and CRM was changed forever.

Using artificial intelligence, Zoho can help you optimize your CRM through data mining and machine learning. Zia will predict your sales, pinpoint the best times to communicate with leads, deliver personalized marketing messages, and, as of 2018, Zia gained the ability to speak with sales teams.

Two years after Zia’s release, Zoho has gone a step further into the world of AI and will be implementing AI tasks accessible within Deluge, Zoho’s scripting language. The list of tasks currently available includes the Analyze Sentiment, Predict Language, Parse Phone Number/Parse Address, and Recognize Text (OCR).

The Analyze Sentiment

Have you ever wondered whether there was hidden animosity behind an email? Have you ever wondered whether a customer was happy, impatient, or disappointed? Zoho’s new AI task interprets a given piece of text to predict if it has positive, negative, or neutral emotions behind it. It can also include the probability of each emotion in the given sentence of a response.

This feature can be used to help categorize and prioritize emails and texts that come into the system. If emotions are negative, the messages can be automatically routed to the proper department or contact for more efficient handling.

The Predict Language

The Zia predict language task helps analyze and categorize communications for international organizations that deal with clients or partners in multiple countries. It helps identify the language of the given text, with a percentage of certainty. If multiple people speaking different languages are using the application, this feature helps get conversations started and makes communicating easier.

Applications written using predict language can accommodate a wider client base because the application can be tailored to the languages used and provide a proper experience.

Parse Phone Number and Parse Address

These Zia tasks help pull pertinent information from the provided text. Phone numbers can help obtain a variety of other valuable information, including location or time zone. This helps you get to know your customers and their environment a little better.

Having the phone number and address also makes it easier for your sales team to stay in touch with your leads or customers so that your organization can always stay top of mind.

Recognize Text (OCR)

Up until this point, there was no clear-cut and easy way to perform an OCR operation or turn images of text into machine-coded text. Zia’s new feature will be a great tool for gathering information from a variety of image sources, including a PDF document. Now text from images can be easily edited, searched, or stored for record-keeping.

This OCR function capability combined with the other AI Tasks will provide tremendously powerful tools to not only solve common business problems but do so in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

To perform any of these tasks only a year ago would have taken well over several hundred lines of custom code and dozens of hours. Zoho’s new Zia AI tasks will expand Zoho’s capabilities several times over and officially cement Zoho as the business world’s go-to application for optimization and growth.

Here at KDG, we have a team of certified Zoho developers who can help you make the most of CRM and Zia’s capabilities. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us and discover how we can help your business grow with Zoho.