With over five million loyal users, Zoho Creator is the go-to software for businesses and organizations looking to create a customizable application that collects and analyzes valuable data that will organize your workflow and help your business prosper. Not every businessman or woman may know how to build a website, but every business should have a website or application that makes it easier for partners to collaborate, for clients to give feedback, and for customers to have a satisfying experience.

We at KDG have already highlighted all of the great features and advantages Zoho Creator offers in a previous blog post. With Creator, you can control workflow, create HTML pages, and add custom integrations with other applications. In addition, it does not require the knowledge of HTML code, which removes the barrier so many professionals face when they seek to create their own application.

Because you do not have to know code, Zoho makes it possible for you to build an application easily and quickly, with little to no technical background. Its secure access, mobile connection, form design, script builder, and customizable reports makes running a business easier. Now, you can also make customer satisfaction easier by using the tool’s Customer Portal.

If you are a business looking to enhance the ways you interact and communicate with your customers while also improving the user-friendliness of your application, the customer portal provides plenty of ways in which you can increase your business’s organization and customer satisfaction. In addition, due to the portal’s cost, you will be improving your business measures without breaking your business’s bank.

If you do not already have Zoho’s customer portal, you are missing out on numerous opportunities at building up your business and building stronger your customer relationships.

What is Zoho Creator’s Customer Portal?

Are you a tax firm that requires clients to complete financial paperwork online? Does your small, private college offer its own online application? Does your bookshop sell and process book orders online? If so, you may understand the stress that goes into developing, creating, and securing sites where information is transferred and stored. When customers and clients fill out such forms, they expect them to be not only simple, but also safe. They are trusting both you and your site with their personal information.

Developing a site that offers all of the features and security measures a customer may want is a time-consuming task. As an owner of a business, an employee of a nonprofit, or a representative of a higher educational institution, you do not have time to create such a portal. You may already have an application that allows your customers to submit such data. However, technology changes rapidly. Does that application have the ability to reflect changing business and technological needs and structures?

Zoho Creator’s customer portal does. It implements the very simple design and development features that have made Creator so popular. Using the customer portal, you can share data and reports with your customers, while your customers can submit new data and edit various records. All of their data is stored in one place for them to see and alter, yet is also restricted from unauthorized access.

No matter your business or organization, the customer portal gives you the opportunity to create a portal that fits any of your customer’s needs. On the portal, you can create a simple tax form customers can fill out and save. You can store patient records and health history for them to view at their convenience. Students applying to your college can complete the enrollment application at their leisure, without ever having to worry about their contact, academic, or financial aid information being lost or stolen.

Critical Information is Kept Secure

For an organization that has not yet turned to online applications to collect and store its very important data, Zoho understands that security concerns may be the primary issue for this. Oftentimes, customers are hesitant to make an online switch because they do not know what will become of the data they provide online. They do not know where their tax records and credit card information will end up. To them, the internet may seem like a void, a place where information and data may become lost forever and end up in a stranger’s grasps.

While this fear is understandable, if you do not make a digital switch, you are sure to find yourself behind your competitors. The customer portal makes it possible for a customer to see exactly where their data is being stored. The portal also uses enhanced security measures so that customers have restricted access to their very private data.

You have the ability to control which users have access to the records you store within the portal. Depending on the permissions you designate, you control who has access to forms and records, who can view and edit those records, and which users have the ability to import or export data to the portal. All such measures are put into place so that unauthorized users never have access to information that isn’t theirs.

A Cost-Effective Way to Satisfy Your Customers

Not only does the customer portal make data easy to collect and access for both you and your customers, it is also extremely cost effective. No matter the amount of customers you have, the customer portal will cover all of them.

It is important to note the difference between between customers and users when it comes to Zoho Creator’s customer portal. In Creator, you are charged individually for each user. Users are internal, or those in your organization who are using the application for workflow management and form creation.
On the other hand, customers are external. They are your clients and buyers who are taking advantage of the customer portal so they can keep track of records and purchases. Zoho does not charge a fee per customer. When you acquire more customers, your business thrives. The customer portal can help manage all of their data as your number of customers continues to grow.

KDG: A Team of Zoho Creator Certified Developers

Zoho makes it easy to develop an application that will fit your business needs. However, you still shouldn’t have to go this process alone. The team of developers at KDG is Zoho Creator Certified and can help you along every step of the way. They are familiar with Zoho’s best practices and can seamlessly integrate your old software’s data into the new application.

Although Zoho is a fast and easy solution to your tech needs, let KDG help the process run even smoother. KDG’s team of experienced, certified developers can build an application in under 200 hours, saving you the time, energy, and money of training your staff internally to do the same job.
As one of only a few Zoho Certified Solution Providers, KDG has the skills needed to orderly and efficiently build you an application that will fit both your business’s present needs and its future needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you integrate Zoho into your current business practices.