Seeking an easy way to bring a new web app to life? Looking for ways to turn online traffic into increased conversions? Want increased data storage and security? If so, there’s no better solution than Google. From App Maker to AdWords, Google has the power to help you grow your business or organization and, with the right partner by your side, you’ll see results in no time.

Our Lehigh Valley IT support team and custom software developers are certified Google Partners. Whether you need an IT team to help you migrate to a new Gmail email client, or need a software development team to help your business build a new web app, we can help you make the most of the power of Google.

From increased support and efficiency to expert guidance and feedback, there are tons of reasons why your organization should consider a certified Google Partner.

1. You’ll Save Time

You’re busy. With a business to run, employees to see to, and sales to make, finding the time to build an app or an ad campaign all by yourself can be tough. A Google Partner, however, can do the work for you. From completing more technical tasks, like Gmail migration and App Engine hosting, to taking more data-oriented tasks, like Google Analytics and Google AdWords management, off your plate, a good Google Partner can help your organization save time and resources so that you can free up your schedule to take care of your business.

2. You’ll Be More Competitive

Millions of businesses are turning to Google’s services to help grow their online presence. More than 3 million currently use G Suite tools, like Google Drive. Meanwhile, 30 million websites use Google Analytics to see their web traffic. In addition, if you’ve ever Googled a service, you’ve probably seen ads powered by Google AdWords appear.

A lot of businesses are using Google, but a certified Google Partner can help set your business apart. With a partner by your side, you can navigate the complexities of Google AdWords, or build a Google web app that’s better than one another business may have built on their own. You may even be privy to exclusive demos of new Google products before your competitors.

3. You’ll Have Direct Support from Your Partner & Google

If there’s ever an issue with your G Suite, Google App, or Google AdWords accounts, or even if you just have a question, you’ll have support from your Google Partner, backed up directly by Google itself. If you have a Google partner, like KDG for instance, you’ll get easier access to feedback and guidance from the experts themselves. With your partner’s help, there are no long waits, no missed calls, and no need to Google the best way to contact Google. Support will be available whenever you need it.

For example, as a Google AdWords Partner, we have a direct Google contact who can hop on a call with us and our clients any time to help us formulate an AdWords strategy sure to give clients a leg up on their competition.

We’re Certified

What can your business achieve with Google? It can…

  • Bring custom web apps to life with Google App Maker
  • Drive conversions with engaging ads using AdWords
  • Use Google Drive to collaborate and connect with coworkers on projects
  • Build a scalable, fully managed application hosted by App Engine
  • Safely back up and store data with G Suite by Google cloud

That’s not all. With a Google Partner, you’ll also have fully-managed migration, training, and setup for any of the Google tools you need.

There are plenty of reasons to consider teaming up with a Google Partner. Businesses and organizations around the country are seeing big results. Now, it’s your turn. Contact us today to learn more about Google services for your business.