We’re thrilled to share news of our inclusion in Clutch’s recent list of Philadelphia area business leaders! The Washington, D.C.-based research, ratings, and review firm recently analyzed and compiled market research, as well as an abundance of reviews from our past and present clients, to rank our team top in four distinct categories.

These include:

This marks the second year our custom software development and small business IT support teams have been recognized! Though we’re located about an hour outside of the bustling city, this hasn’t stopped our team from delivering a flawless customer experience that’s being recognized in Philadelphia and beyond.

While we’re thrilled with these new rankings, we’re extremely grateful for the in-depth reviews from our clients that have made these accomplishments possible. Your honest and thoughtful feedback to Clutch analysists has allowed us to continue to deliver an experience you’ll be happy with. You’ve given us praise to be proud of, advice to listen to, and goals to work toward.

graph showing KDG as #1 IT expert

We couldn’t be happier about all of the good news we have received from Clutch, and of all the dedication from our clients. We look forward to continuing to help organizations like yours grow, thrive, and “make things happen.”

In a city as big as Philadelphia, it’s nice to have a partner by your side. We’re glad to be that partner who lends a hand.