It’s only a matter of time before the next data breach hits your business. But this danger isn’t coming from a hacker sitting in a dark room an ocean away. It isn’t even coming from Facebook or some data mining site. It’s coming from the coworker sitting to your left and from the accountant two offices over. It’s coming from inside the house.

Small Missteps

The headlines are filled with stories about Russian hacks and huge tech companies selling your data. But in reality, these events make up a minuscule amount of the data dangers your business faces. In fact, IBM reports that 75% of security breaches are the result of insider data threats posed by employees.

These threats aren’t coming from malicious employees, either. They’re coming from little mistakes everyone has probably been guilty of, such as:

  • Opening and clicking on a phishing email
  • Misplacing a flash drive
  • Using the same password for multiple accounts
  • Sending credentials over unencrypted email
  • Not fully clearing data from old laptops or phones
  • Not updating software
  • Downloading infected attachments
  • Sending emails to the wrong person

Accidentally sending a private company email to the wrong Bob in your contact list or forgetting your flash drive at the coffee shop may seem minor, but these small missteps can result in unmanageable data disasters that destroy your business’s reputation and budget.

Building a Culture of Security

Putting an end to these all-too-common security mishaps requires a culture of security in the workplace. To have compliance, you need to implement policies, analyze regulations, and, above all, focus on education.

These may seem like big changes, but it’s alright to start small. Some simple security steps you can take right now include:

  • Establishing password policies with two-step authentication
  • Banning removable storage and using the cloud
  • Using a VPN to transfer data
  • Making sure all of your software and devices are updated

But data security requires more than just a once-and-done fix. It requires constant monitoring to catch up with tech’s changes, keep your employees educated, and put a stop to the security risks that slip through the cracks.

HR Tech Support

HR Tech Support is how you can ensure your business never becomes one of the millions affected by a data breach.

With HR Tech Support from KDG, our small business IT support team will educate your employees, build your security plan, and block incoming threats. HR Tech Support doesn’t replace your IT team. Instead, we work alongside them. They’ll take care of the tech and we’ll take care of the human behavior behind it.

For only $10 per month per employee, HR Tech Support includes:

  • Employee Onboarding & Offboarding: When a new employee joins your team, we’ll make sure their computers are set up with the latest security measures. If an employee leaves, we’ll wipe their data so it never falls into the wrong hands.
  • Eliminating Enticing Distractions: Together with your team, we can custom-tailor website permissions for your business to block unsavory sites, online security risks, and social media distractions.
  • Phishing Tests: Want to make sure your team never opens a dangerous email? We’ll train them on email safety by sending them fake spam emails that link to actual webinars so they can learn to discern between harmless spam and malevolent messages.
  • Endpoint Monitoring: Using specialized endpoint monitoring software, we can not only block incoming threats but also prevent innocent accidents from having massive consequences.

It’s time to win the battle against your business’s biggest security threat. To learn more about HR Tech Support and prevention of insider data threats, contact our tech management team today.