You wouldn’t expect an accountant to feel so at home at a Zoho Development Conference, surrounded by some of the nation’s most prolific Zoho creators, consultants, and coders. But KDG’s associate accountant Ashley Myers was. Why? Because you can no longer successfully perform accounting for a growing business unless you have a tool like Zoho Books at your disposal.

As technology becomes ingrained in any organization, financials can either become a necessary evil or, with Zoho, an important asset. Accountants like Ashley are attending numerous Zoho conferences and becoming well versed in Zoho development so that they can customize applications like Zoho Books to meet the needs of their clients.

Your average accountant can’t build real-time profit and loss dashboards, develop revenue recognition criteria, or generate sales tax returns on the fly. But your accountant who has taken the time to understand digital accounting platforms like Zoho can help you save time and gain insights into the data that your business needs to excel.

Good decisions come from good data, and good data needs good software behind it that keeps accounting reports accurate.

Digital Accounting with Zoho Books

Zoho Books LogoTechnology like Zoho Books doesn’t only keep your financial records organized and secure, but it can also improve your…

  • Productivity: Manual accounting tasks that take your team hours can now be completed in minutes with an integrated data system. Data can be uploaded or imported into your system and synced in real-time with other applications like your CRM, project management tool, or invoicing software.
  • Accessibility: Zoho Books improves accessibility for employees, management, and even customers. You’ll be able to access your accounting data and reports from anywhere at any time. A Client Portal lets clients log in and make simple payments, check balances, and review past statements.
  • Invoicing: Turn estimates into invoices with the click of a button, or set up recurring invoices that send automatically. Include automatic reminders for customers and comment sections so that customers can question or dispute their invoices online.
  • Accuracy: Zoho Books makes your business’s most up-to-date data available at your fingertips. You don’t have to spend hours creating statements or verifying data. Instead, you can work with real-time data that gives you accurate insights on what your business needs right now.

For accountants like Ashley, moving away from QuickBooks and to Zoho Books has been a welcome change. Third-party integrations, enhanced customer communications, and improved reporting make her job…and the jobs of her clients…much easier!

In her words: “It is so easy even an accountant can do it.”

There’s More

There’s more on the horizon for Zoho Books. Ashley was lucky enough to spend a week in Pleasanton, CA, home of Zoho’s U.S. headquarters, to get a sneak peek at some upcoming features that Zoho Books is implementing. Every single active client she currently works with at KDG, she says, would benefit from at least one of the updates.

The biggest update, just unveiled at the end of September, is budgeting. Zoho Books now lets you project your organization’s income and expenses, compare budgets, and track performance. You can see whether your forecasts are accurate, or whether you have to take a step back and reassess. Ashley predicts that this feature and others will help her and her financial process optimization clients make better use of their technology and their accounting data.

From shopping to dining, technology has changed the way we live. It’s also changed the way we manage our finances. When you turn to Zoho Books and a certified Zoho Partner like KDG, you have the team you need to keep up with these changes.