Zoho Creator 5 is the latest version of the popular Zoho Creator tool, which allows businesses to develop custom applications fit for their needs. This new update introduces the most powerful version of Creator yet, leaving businesses with unlimited possibilities never before imagined. Join us as we outline the top 5 features of C5.

Feature 1: Mobile Capabilities

You’re on the go, but important business decisions shouldn’t be sitting stagnant just because a computer isn’t nearby. Zoho Creator 5 lets you take your business with you thanks to advanced mobile capabilities.

Receive notifications from your app and approve requests from anywhere. You’ll be able to submit data, even if you’re offline, in addition to accepting payments right from your phone. Meanwhile, the most important part of your application, your data, is always on hand. Even on mobile, you can analyze your reports and keep on top of your data.

Feature 2: Secure Collaboration

Taking a cue from Google Drive, C5 lets app developers work together to access and edit applications. You can assign users roles and permissions and seamlessly share data on inventory, sales, documentation, pipeline cycles, and more.

Meanwhile, users aren’t the only ones working together. Zoho Creator works with other apps, securely sharing data and information back and forth whether those applications are other Zoho products, like Zoho CRM, or from a third party. These integrations are the reason so many businesses have turned to Zoho in the past, and this doesn’t seem to change with C5. If anything, these integrations are even stronger.

Feature 3: Pre-Built Apps

Whether you’re managing inventory, donors, or even events, C5 has a pre-built app just for you. C5’s App Deck is a collection of ready-to-install business apps you can choose from. There isn’t a need these apps can’t handle and all of them are fully customizable so you can mold them to fit your business.

Some of the most popular pre-built apps are ones for project tracking, employee management, and support desk. But new apps—for onboarding, call logging, bug tracking, and more—are being added all the time!

Feature 4: Detailed Dashboards

Zoho Creator’s custom page builder takes dashboard data to the next level. Creator’s page builder is drag-and-drop, meaning you don’t need to know code to know how to build dashboards that include bar graphs, pie charts, and more. Pre-built templates are available for you to pick and choose from.

Meanwhile, if you’re not afraid to delve into the code, you can completely customize your data dashboards to create data that tells your story the way you want. After all, your business is unique. Your data should be too.

Feature 5: Code-Free Forms

For too long, forms have been one of the most complex features to build and integrate. Not anymore. Like its page builder, C5 features a drag-and-drop form builder. Simply drag and drop the fields you want to include in your form, or choose from over 100 templates already available.

These forms can be easily published online or added to your website, where the data they collect will integrate with your application and fill up all those detailed dashboards mentioned above.

Bonus Feature: A Certified Partner by Your Side

One bonus feature of Zoho Creator is the community of certified Zoho Creator partners and developers you can turn to to help your application become a reality.

Our team of Creator developers is one of the only 100% US-based teams of developers in the nation. We’ve helped companies big and small, within the U.S. and across the pond, build applications fit for their needs.

If you think Zoho is right for your organization, reach out to a certified Zoho Creator team today to help you bring your vision to life.