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See how KDG and our Quickbooks experts can streamline your financial processes and improve financial management efficiency with automated bookkeeping, invoice management, and real-time financial reporting.

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No matter your industry, QuickBooks and our expert accountants can develop solutions for your unique set of financial management needs.


Looking to streamline fund accounting, donor management, or financial transparency? From ensuring that donations are accurately tracked and allocated to the right programs to generating reports that are essential for donor communication and compliance purposes, we can help you focus less on financial management and more on your mission.

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The synergy of QuickBooks’ robust features and our industry-specific expertise empowers manufacturers to streamline their financial processes. We’ll help you  facilitates advanced inventory management, track raw materials and finished goods, calculate product costs, and set profitable pricing strategies.


Our accountants will set up and configure QuickBooks to ensure that all aspects of online sales, from payment processing to shipping and returns, are efficiently managed. Using the power of QuickBooks, we’ll help you understand sales patterns, optimize pricing strategies, and make informed decisions for growth.


Handle the nuances of healthcare billing alongside our specialized team. The combination of QuickBooks’ robust accounting features and KDG’s industry-specific customization enables you to streamline financial processes, maintain compliance, and focus more on patient care rather than financial management.

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