Don’t just confront your business problems. Discover how Zoho and our team at KDG can help transform them into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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In our 10+ years as a Zoho Partner, we’ve helped nearly every industry unlock the power of Zoho.

Financial Services

Over the years, we’ve used Zoho to helpe develop custom self-service portals, predictive analytics dashboards, and automated audit workflows for financial institutions seeking to streamline operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide superior customer service in a highly competitive sector.


Zoho equips the manufacturing industry with comprehensive tools to streamline production, manage supply chains, and enhance customer relationships. We’ll help you optimize operations and reduce costs with solutions for real-time production tracking, demand forecasting, and quality control management.


From quote to cash, Zoho offers a suite of solutions tailored for the ecommerce industry. With CRM, inventory, logistics, and marketing capabilities, Zoho and KDG can help businesses to effectively drive sales and foster long-term loyalty in a competitive digital marketplace.


From implementing GPS tracking modules to developing custom analytics reports that highlight inventory turnover, Zoho’s and KDG’s targeted solutions enable logistics companies to streamline their operations, improve customer satisfaction, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Zoho One: Your Digital Transformation Tool

Zoho One revolutionizes the way businesses operate, offering an all-in-one cloud solution with over 40 integrated applications. From dynamic CRM to efficient inventory management, and insightful analytics, it’s the ultimate toolkit for businesses eager to streamline operations and accelerate growth. Embrace Zoho One and transform your business into a seamless, scalable powerhouse.

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Centralized Data
Zoho One offers a unified platform, integrating various business functions, from sales and marketing to inventory and bookkeeping, ensuring seamless data flow.

Enhanced Collaboration & Communication
Zoho One enhances internal and external communication with integrated messaging, email, and collaboration tools, fostering a more connected workforce.

Insightful Analytics and Reporting
With advanced analytics and reporting tools, businesses can gain valuable insights into their operations, aiding in informed decision-making.

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Why Trust KDG as Your Zoho Partner?

When you team up with our certified Zoho development team, you can rest assured that you have direct access to top-tier support, expert advice, and inside knowledge when it comes to the latest Zoho news.

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[Zoho] is very usable right off the shelf, but it is also very customizable to [your] business.

Lynette Wills

VP Sales & Marketing

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