Want to Work at KDG?

We are always seeking talented and driven professionals that enjoy a fast-paced environment that equally rewards hard work and humility. Our people and culture are at the heart of our company and our success.

Our needs are changing every day, so there’s no telling what job we may need tomorrow! We’re always looking for energetic and customer-obsessed professionals to join our team.

Equal Opportunity Employer.
Bring Your Whole Self.
Everyone is Welcome!

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Equal Opportunity Employer. Bring Your Whole Self. Everyone is Welcome!

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Learn Why We’re a Best Place to Work!

Benefits that Live up to Our Values

We communicate thoroughly and transparently.


We communicate thoroughly and transparently.

Open Books Policy

We act and operate as though our employees are our shareholders—we answer to them. That means we must share financial information in accordance with our values: clearly and transparently.

Profit Sharing

At KDG, employees participate in profit sharing if they have been with the company for more than one full calendar year. No “making partner” and certainly no buy-ins.


of employees say that their leader is open to hearing their feedback and opinions.

KDG has given me tremendous opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. I’ve been able to learn new skills, take on new challenges, and step out of my comfort zone time and time again. You’re given the tools to take your career path wherever you want to go.

Keri Lindenmuth, Team Lead, Marketing at KDG
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We are predictable.
We are predictable.

High Job Security

We foster an environment of job stability by investing in continuous employee training, promoting a culture of growth, and maintaining a commitment to long-term business strategies

Predictable Progression

We ensure that every team member understands their growth path and feels empowered to reach their professional aspirations with us.

Inflation Raises

All employees receive regular inflation raises, ensuring their compensation keeps pace with the rising cost of living.

Working at KDG is so unlike any other organization I’ve worked for. You can trust everyone here to speak their mind and to be clear on their intentions. There’s no guessing for hidden meanings behind communication and everything is straightforward. This goes from the general staff to the CEO.

Adam Sutch, Lead Technical Support at KDG
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of employees report having a strong understanding of the company’s finances.


We sweat the details.
We sweat the details.

Excellence and Recognition

We’ve been honored with awards recognizing our robust growth, unparalleled customer satisfaction, outstanding project execution, and our exceptional employee benefits, underscoring our commitment to excellence in every facet of our operations.

Detailed Onboarding Process

Our detailed onboarding and comprehensive training ensure that new team members feel valued, informed, and an integral part of our community from day one.


of employees say the company excels at frequent and effective communications.

I love that KDG is a place that really fosters growth in its employees. From extra training, continued education, and everything in between, I feel like I have grown immensely in my field after being here only a year. I have been very fortunate working with this smart and talented group of people.

Annie Wilson, Lead Bookkeeper at KDG
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We honor and respect everyone we work with.
We honor and respect everyone we work with.

Remote Work Options

Choose between our Allentown, PA office or the freedom of full remote work. We’re committed to nurturing a healthy work-life balance.

Flex Time

We value your commitments beyond work. Flex time means having the freedom to adjust your schedule – whether for appointments or personal needs – as long as you meet your 40-hour workweek.

100% Company-Paid Benefits

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 100% company-paid benefits, ensuring you and your loved ones are covered. At KDG, your health and happiness are invaluable.

200% match in your 401K

We will match 200% of employee contributions up to 3%. If you add 3%, KDG will add 6%. (Spoiler Alert: We plan on moving to a 300% match by the end 2025.)

Commitment to Diversity

We honor and celebrate unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. At KDG, your voice is welcomed, valued, and integral to our shared success.

Paid Maternity/Paternity Leave

KDG offers both paid maternity and paternity leave in the event of new births or adoptions so you can spend time with your growing family.

KDG embraces its values and lives them every day. It is exciting to go to work each day knowing that you will be treated with honor and respect, that you will learn something new, and have the opportunity to contribute in a valuable way.

Lynette Wills, VP Sales & Marketing at KDG
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of employees say they are treated with respect by their supervisors.


We strive for excellence and humility.
We strive for excellence and humility.

Continued Education Reimbursement

We’re committed to fueling your growth by supporting your pursuit of knowledge. Your development knows no bounds.

Employee-Driven Social Committee

We’re all about fun, connection, and shared experiences. Your ideas drive our engaging events and foster meaningful relationships.

Weekly Development Sessions

Every week, we’re here to supercharge your growth. Our Weekly Development Sessions are designed to nurture your skills and knowledge. It’s all about empowering you to reach your full potential.

Paid Volunteer Time

Take time off to champion a cause or effort you’re passionate about!


of employees say their team leaders are engaged in supporting their professional development.

KDG has afforded me the opportunity to broaden my skillset and learn new technologies while simultaneously leveraging the experience and skillsets that I already have as I support KDG’s customers.

Dan Dougherty, Senior Developer at KDG
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Inside KDG

Talented industry experts and consultants travel from near and far to join KDG and experience our unmatched benefits, our dedication to professional growth, and our strong relationships with thousands of satisfied clients.

“When I work at KDG, I look forward to working in an environment that promotes collaborations.”

– Joshua Yacoub, Associate Zoho Developer

“From continued education efforts to an emphasis on teamwork, I’m confident that I have the support needed to accomplish anything.”

–  Claudia Miller, AVP Professional Services

“Whether on client projects or internal objectives, the collaboration and sense of ‘team’ make working here a pleasure.”

–  Lynette Wills, VP Sales & Marketing