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Keeping Technology Up to Date, Streamlined, and Secure

The KDG small business IT support team undertook a complete site audit of all the technology and equipment that The Arc uses to serve over 700 employees and hundreds of clients.

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HIPAA Compliant

All security updates ensure The Arc meets HIPAA compliance regulations for the safety and security of confidential participant data.

Proactive Approach

KDG not only monitors for potential issues but prevents them with thorough audits and inspections both onsite and remotely.

On-Site Support

KDG visits The Arc multiple times per week to make sure technology continues to operate smoothly. These visits also allow them to answer questions and offer face-to-face support.

Strengthening Security & Support

Through on-site visits every week, KDG was able to take a full inventory of The Arc’s devices and software. Organization was improved, technology was standardized, and security was strengthened to ensure that no threats slipped through the cracks.

Key Project Components

  • Weekly site visits

  • Device inventory

  • Hardware & software upgrades

  • Network maintenance

  • System security

  • Windows 10 installation

  • Process standardization

  • Security monitoring

  • Simulated phishing tests

  • Employee training

  • HIPAA compliance

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Every single pay period, we see more and more benefits of this transition and we're continuing to work with KDG to do more... to bring us into the modern world of technology.

Peg Breckinridge
Director of Finance
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High-Tech Upgrades

Because old technology slowed the active organization down, KDG and The Arc replaced PCs and other outdated systems with new technology. All devices were upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10, with all the required programs and patches in place. With new PCs, tighter security, and increased standardization, The Arc’s technology operations achieved a level of predictability that had not been there in the past.

Reducing Risks

The Arc lends a helping hand to thousands around the Lehigh Valley. Downtime or inefficient processes can have a significant downstream impact throughout the organization. KDG monitors all systems for potential problems, taking care to make sure that the human factors are being tested just as much as the technological factors. Over one thousand “friendly fire” simulated phishing attempts are sent on a regular basis and employees are given training as-needed to make sure that everyone is playing a role in the organization’s data security.

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The managed IT service and Tech Specialists provided by KDG are top-notch in their field.

Frank Barella, Director of Quality Improvement & Compliance

From the perspective of a non-profit, KDG’s excellent support and services have provided The Arc with the equivalence of a full-time IT person at a more affordable cost. They have provided us with an important service that a non-profit may not otherwise afford and ultimately an important area of the business would be neglected.

Peg Breckinridge, Director of Finance

The KDG brand is very customer-oriented, professional and always very friendly! The on-site support from the technicians is excellent and they have problem-solved several unique, site-specific situations with us. KDG is eager to get to know our organization and to make whatever we need to do happen.

Frank Barella, Director of Quality Improvement & Compliance

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