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Automating Commission for a Sales Team with 1,000+ Leads per Month

With a growing sales team and over 1,000 leads every month, it was taking managers at autopom! nearly 10 hours per pay period to calculate pay rates, bonuses, discounts, commissions, and refunds for its sales department. These calculations varied by state and were being done “manually” in an Excel spreadsheet.

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Automated Calculations

The Creator application helped to substantially decrease overhead by performing calculations for commissions, bonuses, splits, and chargebacks at the click of a button.

Custom Reporting

A special email is sent to each sales agent twice a month, linking them to their report. This link is unique only to that agent, which helps maintain confidentiality.

Rapid Response Rates

The latest projects KDG and autopom! are working on include a Zoho Cliq integration that lets agents claim and assist leads as soon as they come into CRM.

Certified Zoho Development

autopom! was no stranger to Zoho, having used Zoho CRM for several years to organize sales and lead data. Making the switch to Zoho Creator seemed logical, as data could easily be integrated between the two Zoho platforms. Mike Jones, president and CEO of autopom!, put together a complex list of calculations and commission rules that KDG’s developers quickly set to work implementing.

Key Project Components

  • Zoho Creator & CRM development
  • Custom page building
  • Developing reports for split commissions
  • Update emails
  • Zoho Cliq integration
  • Automatic calculations
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This has enabled us to reduce our response time from roughly 60 only 5 minutes.

Mike Jones
President & CEO
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Creator Custom Capabilities

Custom commission reports for the sales team were built using Creator’s “custom page” capabilities. Each employee has their own set of commission rules based on the criteria input into the CRM Deal. The commission report in Creator matches the CRM Deal with one of the established rules and then calculates the commission. This report can also account for split commissions and bonuses, making it highly complex, yet unique to autopom!’s specific needs.

Moving Forward

As autopom!’s sales team continues to grow, so does the custom commission report. There are continuous enhancements made to help streamline the application and the way it can help autopom!’s employees. This initial Zoho Creator project forged a strong and valued relationship between KDG and autopom!. Together, they have gone on to conduct other projects using Zoho CRM and Creator.

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Zoho, with tools like Creator and programming expertise from KDG, is a perfect fit for a small business like autopom!

Mike Jones, President & CEO

The team at KDG is always a pleasure to work with and one you can count on to deliver.

Mike Jones, President & CEO

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