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Updating the IT Security of a 40-Year-Old Law Firm

The team at Broughal & DeVito uses technology on a daily basis. From mobile tablets to business-class desktops, technology helps the team manage clients and prepare for cases. Slow or defunct technology makes the duties of the legal team a lot harder.

Seamless Support

No matter the day of the week or the time of the day, KDG is ready to help Broughal & DeVito with any of their tech needs through regular on-site check-ins and remote access.

Trusted Expertise

KDG’s IT team is a Google, Microsoft, and Webroot partner, meaning they’re on top of the latest news, advancements, and updates for all the popular software and services.

Keeping Connected

Broughal & DeVito, as well as their clients, experienced minimal to no outages or interruptions during KDG’s IT upgrades. Business was kept up and running.

Preventing Data Dangers

It’s important that technology meets the needs of the 40 year-old-law practice, so KDG’s small business IT support team was there to lend a hand. To improve security and performance, KDG helped the law firm undergo a complete transformation with newer hardware, regular software updates, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity monitoring, reporting, and prevention,

Key Project Components

  • Onsite support
  • Hardware & software updates
  • Rebuilt server
  • New devices
  • Webroot installation
  • Network maintenance
  • Employee training
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The KDG team is great! Quick to respond and very easy to work with.

Jill Weiss
Office Manager, Broughal & DeVito
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A Technology Upgrade

The first step KDG took was replacing Broughal & DeVito’s out-of-date hardware. Outdated devices were replaced with new laptops guaranteed to fit Broughal & DeVito’s current needs. Meanwhile, on-site desktops underwent some software rebuilding and maintenance to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Monitoring & Prevention

The latest security measures have been implemented in all of the law firm’s devices. Webroot has been installed and custom-tailored, making safe web browsing possible. The program acts as a cloud-based solution that allows the team at KDG to respond to issues instantly. All of KDG’s managed IT clients, like Broughal & DeVito, are given access to these advanced security tools, in addition to a custom security checklist.

New Hardware

A rebuilt server helped Broughal & DeVito make the most of their storage space. Free space was more than tripled by expanding the drive with a RAID setup. This implementation also increased data security and data integrity. Employees experienced no interruptions during the transition. Several employees also got new computers, complete with all of their data intact.

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Things seem to be running smoother since KDG took over and cleaned up all the little things that were happening to slow down our workflow. It is great to know that they are on top of things such as our virus protection and updates.

Jill Weiss, Office Manager

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