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Improving Alumni Engagement & Raising Nearly $1 Million in the Process

Drexel University has set the standard for engaging, record-breaking giving campaigns. When a school looks to see how to plan, promote, and host a crowdfunding campaign, they turn to Drexel to see how it’s done. Drexel wanted to make sure it didn’t lose the momentum it gained from past years

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Enhancing Excitement

The first-of-its-kind digital game within the crowdfunding platform garnered over 2,500 players who raised extra funds for the university.

Optimized & Accessible

Mobile and desktop donations were split down the middle, with 50% of donors donating from laptops and another 50% donating from their mobile devices.

Bonus Challenges

Online and offline “challenges,” made possible by Drexel’s Trustees, allowed donors to boost their impact with extra funds won through games and puzzles.

Third Time's a Charm

KDG’s higher ed web design team once again lent a hand with a custom crowdfunding platform. With overwhelming success in years past, including an international CASE Award, Drexel sought to keep the momentum going. Drexel University once again sought to break records, go viral, and make an impact.

Key Project Components

  • Theme development
  • Custom design
  • Digital play cards
  • Donor summaries
  • "Coming Soon" pages
  • Social media integrations
  • 24-hour support
  • Custom game development
  • Donor management
  • Mobile optimization
  • $933,471 dollars raised with 4,229 donors

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...[it] was possible because of our partnership with KDG.

Ivy Lane
Executive Director of the Drexel Fund
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Becoming Gamechangers

This year, the Drexel community became game changers in the literal and figurative sense of the phrase. This year’s campaign theme used building block designs and blueprint imagery to demonstrate how donors build the foundation of the University’s future with their support; their investment fuels Drexel’s success.

Seeing the Impact

Ranging from scholarships to Greek Life to Athletics, the ability to choose where to make an impact instilled a sense of pride in each donor, and this spirit helped Drexel surpass its donor goal more than two times over.

Boosting Engagement

After completing their gift, these special ‘game changers’ had the chance to solve three rounds of puzzles to earn additional funds that would follow their gift. Made possible by Drexel’s Trustees, the bonus of adding these additional funds for the area they supported demonstrated that there are many ways to change the game – philanthropy is one way, and spending time on the areas you care about is another important way to help the university. Drexel also sponsored on-campus “Games IRL,” where students could try their luck at boosting their gifts through exciting games that kept them engaged throughout the day..

Exploring Key Features in Action

The Drexel community is comprised of makers, problem-solvers, and ‘game changers’ across every academic field. The literal and figurative appeal of ‘changing the game’ activated the day.

Every donor received a digital player card highlighting the impact of their gift, providing a clear snapshot of the donor and the area they chose to support.

Donors of $5 or more had the opportunity to have an even bigger impact on the area they chose to support.


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The end product of our collaboration is a website that… make[s] philanthropy fun, tangible, and exciting for our donors. It’s an experience... that was possible because of KDG’s focus on outcomes and their ability to think big.

Ivy Lane, Executive Director of the Drexel Fund

For year three we stepped it up a notch and collaborated with KDG to build a unique puzzle for our donors, reinforcing our theme and illustrating in real-time how each donor can continue to shape the future of Drexel by supporting any area they choose in multiple ways.

Christine McAuliffe, Director of Marketing Technology and Innovation

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