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Marketing, UI/UX Design

Building a Custom Website Accessible for All

To help engage new students and showcase the school to the community, Executive Education Academy Charter School in Allentown needed a new web design to highlight its rigorous academics, its standout students, and its lasting impact.

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Accessible for All

EEACS’s diverse student body speaks Spanish, Arabic, and more. To ensure the site is accessible to them and their families, the site’s content can be displayed in ten different languages.

Fully Flexible

The site’s WordPress platform means that EEACS faculty can easily update the site, adding or removing pages, changing text, and creating new events. The site is also fully flexible, ADA compliant, and mobile-responsive.

Breaking News

Press releases about school events have been picked up by news sources across the Lehigh Valley, including The Morning Call, WFMZ, and The Express-Times.

Using WordPress to Show Their Impact

EEACS is one of the Lehigh Valley’s leading charter schools. With a corporate curriculum focused on business practices, technology, and communications, the school gives students in grades K-12 the skills they need to succeed in the classroom, in college, and in their future careers. EEACS wanted visitors to the site to discover what makes the school different right away, so the web design that gives off a unique high educational feel.

Key Project Components

  • User research
  • WordPress development
  • Sitemap development
  • New photography
  • Professional video shoots
  • Events calendar integration
  • Content creation
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Social media integration
  • SEO updates
  • Blog post writing

We are excited that our new website provides a crisp and easy overview of the many facets of EEACS, its students, staff and diverse activities!

Bruce Johnson
Chief Business Officer
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Expanding Community Ties

With over 1,200 students from 11 Lehigh Valley districts, including Allentown, Bethlehem, and Whitehall, EEACS is a school with strong community ties. A community page highlights the school’s wide-reaching impact. Visitors with questions about EEACS or charter schools in general can visit the page to view a video, read testimonials from parents and community leaders, and explore the nearly three dozen businesses and nonprofits the school partners with.

Clear Call-to-Action

Unlike other schools, EEACS gives tours to prospective students, parents, and community members almost daily. Tours are a great way for people to see the school and its students in action. They’re also the first step in the school’s enrollment process. To help promote these tours, “Schedule a Tour” became the site’s main call-to-action and is visible on every single page.

Massive Marketing Outreach

The new site is accompanied by a massive marketing outreach effort. KDG’s marketing and content writing team produces regular blog posts and press releases for the site, helping keep content fresh and boost SEO through strong keywords and link building. Search engine visibility towers over competing schools, while external links are on the rise as the new site gains internet exposure.

Exploring Key Features in Action

The homepage features a background video of students at study and at play.

A simple navigation with links to enrollment, academic, and student life information gives the site the distinctive feel of a higher educational institution.

Three portals allow visitors to explore the various academic opportunities available to elementary, middle, and high school students.

The website provides plenty of background about EEACS and their mission.

KDG office
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We are excited that our new website provides a crisp and easy overview of the many facets of EEACS, its students, staff and diverse activities!

Bruce Johnson, Chief Business Officer

We really like the calendar feature, and that we are able to set up the portals for different users.

Tamara Klas, Chief School Director, Elementary School

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