Case Study: Faraja

Spreading a Global Mission Through an Empowering New Website

The Faraja Primary School for Children with Physical Disabilities, situated beneath Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, has provided academic and medical support to over 200 children. The internationally renowned school needed a website to highlight this empowering mission.


KDG and Faraja were recognized with three digital awards: an AVA Digital Award, a Hermes Creative Award, and a Gold DotComm Award.

Optimized & Accessible

Whether they’re using a desktop device or a mobile phone, users can visit the site, learn more about the school, and find out ways they can help students and their families.

Easy Updates

The team at Faraja has full control over the entire site. Using the site’s simple WordPress admin panel, Faraja can add new images, videos, and text whenever they’re needed.

young boy colors at Faraja school

Sharing Its Mission Online and Off

Supported by the Faraja Fund Foundation, the school has helped students discover new opportunities and push their limits to lengths they never thought possible. To spread the word about its worthy cause, Faraja turned to the Allentown web design team at KDG for help. Through user research, WordPress development, and content management, KDG helped shine light on the school and its mission.

  • User research
  • Sitemap creation
  • WordPress development
  • New photography
  • Video interviews
  • Student stories
  • Donor management
  • Form integration
  • Mobile optimization

Working with Faraja allowed me to give back to something bigger than myself.

Kalyn Kates,
Lead UI/UX Designer


Visually Engaging

While the school’s old site was very text-heavy, the new site focuses on visual elements that tell the story of the school’s most inspiring feature: its students. Pictures and videos add faces to the students of Faraja and featured biographies allow them to share their stories with the world. For nonprofits, images and stories add levels of both trustworthiness and empathy to the site, encouraging visitors to donate, get involved, and help Faraja as it continues to make a difference.

User-Friendly Navigation

The user experience of the site also improved through a new sitemap and page hierarchy. While the old site featured a sidebar that was difficult to navigate, the new site displays a prominent top navigation bar that breaks the site down into cohesive segments and topics. Users know exactly where they need to go to answer a question, get the news, or make a donation.

Simple Giving

An improved donor page keeps users on Faraja’s site instead of taking them away to a third-party application. When donors can give directly through the website they’re on, this reduces donor anxiety about the all-too-common issues of data breaches and security threats. Donors can give to Faraja Primary School safely and securely.

Engaging Users

Pictures and videos help break up the text while telling the story of Faraja.

Easy Donations

Clear calls-to-action and an embedded form make donations easy and user-friendly.

News & Alerts

Newsletters keep users up-to-date.

Video Content

Added videos help users view the campus from anywhere.

faraja logo

The school’s mission is to provide a residential primary education for children, focused on creating a learning and loving environment which allows the students to excel and lead productive and meaningful lives.

John Tolmie,
Vice President

KDG spent time understanding the school’s mission and history and did a fantastic job in creating an excellent website that conveys the story and encourages individuals to become involved.

John Tolmie,
Vice President

By Lynette Wills | January 14, 2019

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