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UI/UX Design

Designing a Virtual Experience for the Students of Gen Z

With technology ever-changing and a new generation—Generation Z—starting their college careers, Mount Aloysius College knew that a fresh, accessible, and optimized website was the key to campus engagement. They turned to KDG, their partners for over a decade, for help.

User Research

KDG and MAC performed red-routing, wireframing, personas, and on-site meetings to ensure all audiences were considered and understood.

Careful Planning

Sitemap planning and content design helped the school condense the size of its website so it would be more manageable for admins and easier to navigate for users.

Flexibility for the Future

WordPress was specifically chosen because of its flexibility. MAC team members can add new pages as necessary, allowing the site to grow alongside the institution.

A Fast, Sleek, & Modern Engagement Tool

KDG and MAC have had a long, trusted relationship. KDG’s UI/UX design team even helped the school design its previous website. But that old site required a new layout, new content, and new features to meet the changing expectations of prospects, students, and alumni. Technology and the way people were using technology had undergone a major shift. Most web traffic was coming from mobile devices, which meant prospects needed content that was seamless to read, simple to navigate, and easy to remember.

MAC was out to capture the attention of a new generation of learners who grew up in a highly visual, stimulating world where answers were never far from their fingertips. Long blocks of content and complex menus gave way to short snippets of text, colorful student imagery, and bold action items that showed users exactly where they needed to go.

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They really go the extra mile for you.

Sam Wagner
Director of Communications
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KDG consulted closely with MAC throughout an entirely new UX process, inclusive of competitive analysis, site mapping, and user personas. An on-campus visit was even part of the process so designers could meet the site’s key stakeholders and hear their needs, goals, and expectations directly. What did they need to accomplish their job? What questions did they hear from students? What digital tools could their department utilize? KDG’s team took this feedback and incorporated it into the design and development of the new site.

A full UI/UX web development project encompasses more than just web design. The new WordPress website includes:

Key Project Components

  • Online application
  • Virtual campus tour
  • Alumni donor page
  • Audience portals
  • “Find Your Admissions Counselor” feature
  • Majors & programs index
  • Student spotlights
  • Campus calendar
  • Social media integration
  • New imagery
  • Optimized content
  • ADA compliance
  • Cross-device & cross-browser functionality
  • User roles & permissions
  • Simple admin panel
  • Hosting & security


A Valuable First-Look

MAC wanted prospects to feel at home before ever stepping foot on campus. Bright imagery of students in action and a virtual tour give prospects a sneak peek at the private liberal arts school.

Interactive Enhancements

Students, prospects, and alumni are encouraged to interact with the new site. This is evident not only through the virtual tour, but through the “Find Your Admissions Counselor” feature, online application, and simplified donor form. Real-time news and social media updates are also posted.

Audience Targeting

Students aren’t the only users of MAC’s new site. Prospects, alumni, and parents are also frequent visitors. Audience portals give them a quick and easy way to find the content, forms, and news most relevant to them.

Safe & Secure

An outdated website is an organization’s biggest security vulnerability. An up-to-date WordPress platform, along with 24/7 hosting and monitoring by KDG’s cybersecurity team, ensure that the site is protected from the latest digital threats.


KDG wanted to make sure that MAC could shape the site however they saw fit. Thanks to WordPress’s maintainable framework and easy admin panel, MAC has control over content, plugins, pages, and features.

Exploring Key Features in Action

Prospects can easily find all majors and programs offered by MAC, as well as their requirements.

A simple online application lets prospects quickly apply without leaving the site.

There are just as many extracurriculars at MAC as there are academics. The site captures all of them.

Any future college student is bound to have questions. A detailed FAQ page helps them find the answers they’re looking for.

A calendar shows academic events, open houses, student activities, and more. Online registration forms are easily accessible.

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They are experienced, reasonably-priced and trustworthy, but their customer service is the main reason we continue to lean on them for development projects.

Sam Wagner, Director of Communications

We have seen positive trending with analytics including admissions engagement.

Sam Wagner, Director of Communications

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