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Marketing, UI/UX Design

Creating a Fresh, Flexible Website for an Established Consulting Firm

Faced with an old website that was outdated and heavy in textual content, Yaffe asked the Lehigh Valley web design team at KDG to build a new site that was visually engaging, SEO friendly, and up to date.

Optimized for Search

This new site follows SEO best practices and ensures that Yaffe ranks high in the search results. Keyword-heavy and engaging written content establish Yaffe as subject matter experts in the consulting field.

Visual Content

While Yaffe’s old site lacked visual elements, the new site features images of the company’s consultants, as well as fresh video content, so users can see the team at Yaffe as people instead of a faceless company.

Up-to-Date News & Alerts

Healthcare, higher ed, and nonprofits are always changing. When the latest trend or news hits the industry, Yaffe can publish “Hot Topics” surveys on its site, collecting instant data on outlooks and opinions.

WordPress: Fresh, Functional, & Flexible

Yaffe & Company has been a leading consulting firm for the healthcare, higher ed, and nonprofit industries for over 40 years. The firm knew that a great website could help expand its reach and its important mission. This website had to be fresh and flexible, yet customized to meet Yaffe’s needs. That’s why KDG chose WordPress.

Key Project Components

  • Custom WordPress development

  • User experience research & personas

  • Wireframe development

  • Sitemap planning

  • Audience portals

  • Survey development

  • Testimonials

  • New photography

  • Professional videos

  • SEO optimization

  • News feed

Customer Experience Webinar Presentation

[KDG] proposed multiple, creative solutions.

John Tolmie
Senior Vice President
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Custom WordPress

A totally custom WordPress was built just for Yaffe. The consulting group’s new site is entirely flexible and Yaffe has complete control over the resources it can feature. While the company’s old site was outdated and not easy to update, the team at Yaffe can easily update their new site with fresh content, images, forms, and more. With only a few small clicks, Yaffe can share its content with its audiences around the nation.

Targeting the Right Audience

Yaffe caters to several very distinct audiences, all of which can now find a place on the brand new site. Each audience—leaders in the nonprofit industry, the healthcare industry, and the higher ed industry—all have their own unique resource center where they can find blog posts, reports, survey results, events, and webinars.

Dynamic Features

Thanks to its scalable WordPress framework, Yaffe’s site keeps users coming back with new content, new images, and more. From visit to visit, the site is rarely the same. Sliders throughout the site feature the latest surveys, hot topics, and whitepapers. Testimonials, images, and videos are also displayed prominently on the web pages so that users can see the impact Yaffe is making firsthand.

Exploring Key Features in Action

Yaffe's existing branding is tied into the design of the new website.

Experts in the field are highlighted throughout the website to showcase Yaffe's breadth of knowledge.

Distinct audience pages make it easy to find related information and experts.

Within each audience page, services and capabilities are broken down to add both visual and subject-matter hierarchy.

Insights are categorized and can easily be filtered for simple identification.

A short contact form captures all necessary data without overwhelming the user.

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We are extremely pleased with the functionality and flexibility of our new website—and we especially like how it is designed to allow a fresh stream of information to auto-populate throughout the site.

John Tolmie, Senior Vice President

The people at KDG are very professional and creative, and they worked within our budget and our time frame.

John Tolmie, Senior Vice President

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