Disrupt Mature

Never have incumbent organizations been more vulnerable to the efforts of enterprising newcomers than through disruption.

How can KDG help you disrupt?

We focus on consistent experience delivery.

At the heart of all disruption is a focus on experience delivery both to your customers and your employees. By predictably delivering precise, scaleable, and well-crafted experiences, your organization can make disruption look easy.

How have we helped to disrupt mature markets?

Having a partner that knows the disruption roadmap and has driven on it many times before makes all the difference. KDG can help to make sure that your organization is going beyond good service to deliver disruptive experiences that help grow your organization, find new markets, and recruit top talent.

Smart City Apartment Locating:
Changing the Way Real Estate Works

Created a custom integrated operations system and client relationship management tool for a real estate firm, propelling them to exponential growth and flawless customer experience.

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Exeter Orthodontics:
Building a Site That Scales with Business

Helped a healthcare organization deliver on a disruptive business model by delivering real-time prospective patient data and scaling into multiple offices throughout their target region.

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Baker University:
Enhancing Donor Engagement

Used techniques from political campaigns, infomercials, and video games to allow colleges and universities to raise money and develop campus engagement like never before.

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MedTech for Solutions
Keeping Patient Data Secure & Compliant

Worked with an international fertility laboratory to expand its software and its services beyond borders by creating a one-of-a-kind application specifically for this unique industry.

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What They Say

When our new agents start, we don’t have to spend days training them on how to use this software. The software just works. KDG was adamant on keeping it very, very simple and I just love that.”

-Cassie Brown, CEO, Smart City Locating

I was blown away by our alumni support… [KDG was] so instrumental in helping us from the brainstorming from what are we going to do… to what are our challenges going to be.”

-Rachel Shuck, Assistant Director of Development, Baker University

KDG and Exeter Orthodontics have been partners for at least a decade or more. We just progressively have a better relationship as we move forward.”

-Meredith Souder, Practice Manager, Exeter Orthodontics

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