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Request Your Complimentary IT Network Security Assessment from KDG

Whether your workforce is remote, in-office, or hybrid, this free service will assess the security, efficiency, and liability of your network for the ultimate peace of mind.

No catch. No commitment. 100% free.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Data security is top-of-mind for our team, and it should be for you too, especially during these uncertain times! If you’re not thinking about IT security now, it may be too late once you do. As an exclusive offer, we’re providing a complimentary Network Security Assessment. Our American Business Award-winning IT team will assess your network’s efficiency, accuracy, and security and provide a customized report outlining our recommendations so you can move forward with confidence.

End-to-End Custom Reporting

After this three-day, end-to-end assessment of your network, your devices, and your users, you will be provided with custom reporting that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your network’s security and efficiency, including:

  • % customer satisfaction across reviews.

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It is great to know [KDG] is on top of things such as our virus protection and updates.

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Stay Secure & Save on Insurance!

Without regular network security assessments, you are unlikely to be insurable against cyber liabilities.​ This means you could face massive fines or penalties should your business be subject to a breach. However, if you have regular network security assessments and follow up on recommendations provided, you could receive substantial discounts on your cyber-liability and professional liability policies.​ So you won’t only stay secure, but you’ll save in the process!

The Process is Simple

  • Set a Testing Schedule: You decide on the time that works best for your team. We’ll be ready.
  • KDG will set up a test PC: This PC will connect to your network and run the testing so there is no impact on efficiency.
  • Analysis & Monitoring: The assessment runs on your network for three days. Our team will monitor its performance and results.
  • We’ll Deliver the Report: Our team will pay you an in-person visit or set up a video call to review the report, your risk rating, and recommendations.

Why Choose KDG?

As an American Business Award-winning team with over two decades of experience, we have the expertise required to analyze network security, identify potential concerns, and address them to the highest standards.

Mission, Vision, & Values

The KDG brand is very customer-orientated, professional, and always very friendly!…KDG is eager to get to know our organization and to make whatever we need to do happen

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