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Business is hard … relationships are harder.

Building Trust and Opportunity Through the KDG Partner Network

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It is great having KDG as a partner…I trust them implicitly to do what is best for my clients.

John Lamont, Zoho Consultant

Partner Since 2018. 100% Customer Satisfaction

While every business relies on trust, service businesses require a level of trust built through relationships, shared experiences, and proven results. This is why many service-based organizations struggle to scale beyond a few key stakeholders. After all, those key stakeholders cannot clone themselves (yet). This means that many organizations must pass on opportunities they cannot support or, worse, find out they can’t support the them after they’ve begun. This leads to:

  • Disappointing clients that have put their trust in you.
  • Turning down opportunities that would grow your organization.
  • Never being able to see how other organizations confront similar engagements.

Throughout our 25-year history, trust us, we have been there. This is why we have built the KDG Partner Network.

As a KDG Partner, you can capitalize on the unique and trusting relationships you have built with the assurance that working together with KDG as a partner will reflect positively on you and your organization. Better yet, you can get a front-row seat to how KDG approaches projects of any type, how we evaluate business problems, and how we measure success. When you are a partner, there is nothing for us to hide. If we help you grow your organization in scale or sophistication, we all benefit. Not all opportunities that come to KDG are the right fit. Having a trusted network of partners allows KDG to ensure that when we pass an opportunity to one of our partners, it will be treated with the same professionalism and standards that we hold ourselves to.

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How Will You Benefit?

From referrals to exclusive knowledge-share events, here’s what you can gain by joining the KDG Partner Network.

What We Will Not Do…

Here at KDG, we prioritize integrity and mutual growth over traditional competitive practices.

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Living Our Mission:
Real Success

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    It is a pleasure working with KDG! Their communication especially is stellar. I have confidence that any project that comes their way, they will excel with.

    Alisa Geller


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    Every single pay period, we see more and more benefits of this transition and we're continuing to work with KDG to do more...to bring us into the modern world of technology.

    Peg Breckinridge

    Director of Finance

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