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Unlocking the Power of Low Code: Supercharge Your Business with KDG and Microsoft Graph API

The Microsoft Graph API simplifies the process of building intelligent, connected applications, allowing you to maximize the value of your existing Microsoft investments and even your proprietary platforms. Seamlessly integrate your applications with various Microsoft platforms, including Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, and more.

At KDG, we can help you get started with the Microsoft Graph API, eliminating the learning curve and getting your much-needed data delivered to your fingertips effortlessly.

Empower Your Business with the Microsoft Graph API

The Microsoft Graph API opens doors to a wide range of possibilities for businesses. Harness the power of low code development by integrating with the Microsoft ecosystem.

Have a Need? Microsoft Graph API Delivers

The Microsoft Graph API offers a wide range of functionalities and can be customized to address specific business needs.

User & Identity Management

With the Graph API, businesses can automate the process of creating and managing user accounts, including assigning licenses and configuring user settings. For example, an HR system can use the Graph API to automate the onboarding process by creating user accounts, assigning appropriate licenses, and configuring user settings across multiple Microsoft 365 services.

Calendar & Scheduling

Businesses can utilize the Graph API to check the availability of meeting rooms across an organization or sync users’ calendars with external applications. For example, a proprietary scheduling system for an event venue can utilize the Graph API to check the availability of meeting rooms in real-time and automatically book a room when a user schedules a meeting. Meanwhile, integrating with Microsoft Shifts can help healthcare managers schedule frontline workers fairly.

Collaboration & Communication

By using the Graph API, businesses can programmatically access and manage files stored in OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams, allowing for automated file sharing and collaboration scenarios. Businesses can also integrate chat functionality into their applications or automate messaging workflows. These features work great for project management teams striving to keep everyone on the same page.

Data Insights & Analytics

Businesses can leverage the Graph API to retrieve insights on user activity, such as email statistics, document usage, and application adoption, which can be used for analytics and reporting. For example, a business intelligence dashboard can pull usage data from the Graph API to provide insights on user adoption and engagement with Microsoft 365 services.

Choose KDG for Microsoft API Development

By leveraging the software development services of KDG, you can harness the power of the Microsoft Graph API with ease, efficiency, and the assurance of a highly skilled team of experts. We’ll help you eliminate the learning curve typically associated with the API. In addition to helping you leverage the power of your Microsoft ecosystem, our team’s proficiency extends to creating custom integrations that connect proprietary platforms to Microsoft’s tools, providing tailored solutions that meet your specific business needs. Request an appointment with our team today to learn more.

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