Strengthening the Chain

Every organization is as vulnerable as its weakest link. Instead of coming up with contingency plans when the chain breaks, how about working on strengthening that chain?

How can KDG help protect your organization?

We protect your organization from YOU.

Maybe not you specifically. But what about your team, your partners, or your coworkers? Protection doesn’t mean just having a plan, it means giving the people in your organization the toolset to become partners in protecting the organization.

How have we helped to protect organizations?

At the heart of protection is education. KDG has invested heavily in making sure that we’re not only able to develop solutions, but also train our clients on how to most effectively implement those solutions. With KDG as a partner, it is our goal to allow your organization to take itself to new heights while making sure that the downside is covered.

Teaching Teachers Compliance and Protection

Developed an accessibility program for schools to allow those with different abilities to interact with websites by making the sites ADA 508 compliant and secure against the latest data threats. We also provided regular training to make sure that faculty and staff could remedy issues users face.

Watch EEACS’s Case Study Video

MedTech for Solutions
Keeping Patient Data Secure & Compliant

Developed custom digital laboratory software to meet all HIPAA standards. Made patient data security a top concern by implementing two-step verification, Google Compute Engine, and encryption to protect lab records, inventory lists, and patient treatment plans.

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Broughal & DeVito:
Using New Technology to Keep Data Safe

Developed and implemented leading cybersecurity infrastructure for law firms that helps thwart issues proactively, but also allow all employees to play an active role in increasing the protection of the organization with regular penetration testing, education, and on-site training.

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Casilio Concrete:
Maintaining Secure and Streamlined Data

Consolidated two subsidiaries and a fleet of over 30 on-the-ground employees through a secure, remote connection. Upgraded hardware, migrated to a more secure mail client, and interconnected the network through a VPN to keep data protected and downtime to a minimum.

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What They Say

We worked with a few IT companies before KDG, but KDG was able to provide us with the knowledge and solutions we were looking for…We are not a 9-5 business, [so] we needed an IT company that would work with our schedule.”

-Maria Medei, President, Casilio Concrete

The team… took a very complicated project that they knew nothing about, took full ownership of it, and developed a very user-friendly system for our staff and clients to use.”

-Dwight P. Ryan, President & CEO, MedTech for Solutions

They’re very professional and bring a lot of great ideas to the table. They apply their expertise to help us avoid pitfalls, providing feedback where they can improve the product.”

-Eric Nikles, Vice President Advisor Relations, Keystone Financial Management

How Do I Get Started?

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