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Starting, operating, and scaling a business is never simple, but a business planning partner who has been in your shoes can help your business defy the odds and become one of the few that actually makes a move in the market.

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Asking for help ranks very close to a root canal in terms of desirability, particularly in business. Your business is uniquely your own, and so are your processes. Which is why you never want a stranger to come in and turn them upside down. At KDG, we will not help you…we will become part of your team. Just like any experienced teammate, we will help you play the game better because we have played the game many, many times before.

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“KDG was integral in bringing my idea to life…they were with me every step of the way as a supportive partner.”

-Alisa Geller, Founder, Write for the Bar

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Operationalizing Processes

Most organizations know what they want to do, just not the steps to take. There are a few options: make it up as you go, read as much as you can and hope you can implement what you have learned, or bring on a partner who has operationalized processes across virtually every industry. From sales operations to fulfillment and customer experience, KDG’s business planning team can make it happen.

Mining Data

In many circumstances, it takes an experienced set of eyes to uncover areas of value within a business’s operating and customer data. From implementing reward programs to generate recurring purchase demand to strategic pricing and incentives, KDG is uniquely prepared to help find dollars in data without disrupting your business model or supply chain.

Developing Roadmaps

It can be a long journey between where you are and where you want to be. Our experienced business planning team can help your organization prepare for your next 30 days to 3 years accounting for key milestones, deliverables, and KPIs. You’ll have a roadmap to stick to and goals to strive toward. We will help you execute your plan and keep you accountable.

Breathe New Life into Your Business

Our consultants have been in your shoes. Now, they’re ready to use the experiences they’ve gained and the lessons they’ve learned to help your team lead the way

Business Planning & Strategy Pricing

Business planning and strategy can be a very nebulous service. When asked what business planning costs, it is all too easy to reply, “It depends.” Our engagements cover a variety of use cases and organizational needs. Our methodology is always focused on tailoring engagements to solve for value. For reference, below you will find a representative distribution of KDG business planning and strategy engagements by their budget.

Client Testimonials

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John Tolmie, Former SVP, Yaffe & Company

“They proposed multiple, creative solutions that gave us room to choose the best-fit approach.”

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Mike Jones, President & CEO, autompom!

“Before [KDG] started providing SEO services, we had less than 1,000 leads in total; we’re now getting 1,600 qualified leads on a monthly basis and a substantial increase in site traffic.”

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