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Every organization has a set of unique people and processes that makes them special. Custom software development should help take these processes, refine them, and make them predictable. After all, consistent, predictable processes lead to consistent results.

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While there are tens of thousands of off-the-shelf applications that promise the ability to be customized, nothing will come close to the operational details that can be planned into something you create—and those little details can give you a big advantage. With nearly two decades of experience and not a single orphaned project in the past five years, KDG’s Lehigh Valley custom software development team and our risk-managed development process has withstood the test of time. Featuring full-stack expertise, multi-platform/cloud-based development, and streamlined quality assurance, we provide the factors critical for success starting right from Day One. Proudly serving clients in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

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“Custom software ultimately makes your employees more efficient, because they have a system that works for them, not against them.”

-Matt Harwick, VP of Professional Services

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Quality Project Management

The typical makeup of a development team puts project managers, business analysts, and (if you’re really unlucky) a “relationship manager” between you and the people who are doing the actual work, many of whom may or may not be in the same time zone or even on the same continent. Our process is simple. We provide direct access to the people doing the work, who all happen to be our employees in the same time zone. Then we use project management as a facilitator, organizer, and accountability inspector…but not as a barrier to communication.


All applications change. Requirements change, stakeholders change, and even the purpose of the application can change. Developing applications with a focus on maintainability manages the downside risk of change. If you have ever worked with a development team who responded to requirements with, “that’s not the way the system was designed” or “we would have to refactor half of the system,” you have worked without the benefit of planning for maintainability.

Easy Success

Like any other buzzword, the idea of “agile” development is often misused. At KDG, we are not agile. We are practical. We develop projects with an “owner’s mindset” to make sure that we are showing useable progress early and often so that you can feel comfortable with progression and your ability to course correct as necessary. Leave the development methodology to us. If we are doing the job of inspecting deadlines and deliverables, you do not have to.

The Possibilities are Endless

From developing custom CRM applications for busy real estate agents to building a credentialing application for one of the largest architects in the world, our award-winning team has shown that, no matter you industry, custom software can help you get the job done.

Custom Software Development Pricing

Custom software development costs can fall into a very wide range for a number of factors. However, it’s very important for any client or potential client to understand that custom software development is not an episodic purchase. More commonly, software projects continue to improve over time, optimizing feature sets and adding new ones as more value is created. As a result, custom software projects can often start as a six month project and turn into a multi-year relationship. Below you will find a representative distribution of the cost of KDG custom software engagements by their project budget.

Client Testimonials

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Dwight P. Ryan, President & CEO, MedTech for Solutions

“The entire experience of working with KDG and the team was flawless in developing our new software platform.”

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Karen Shoemaker, Executive Director, The Arc

“Why do we love working with KDG? It could be their unique ability to put things into the context of our organization, or that they bring just as much business and operational expertise to the table as they do technology.”

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Awards & Recognition

KDG’s custom software development team has been recognized as one of the best in the nation. Applauded by Clutch, the American Business Awards, and Forbes, KDG has changed the way businesses use technology and has helped organizations manage their growth, protect their data, and disrupt their markets for nearly two decades.

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